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Urban Champion is the best video game of all time

The statement above can not be argued, but sadly Nintendo has abandoned this franchise just like with F-Zero and Advance Wars. But unlike those franchises that had multiple chances to shine, Urban Champion only has one installment. That one installment is the best game of all time, but it still is only one video game. And Nintendohas been dragging us along for the eventual Switch rerelease with the Arcade Archives version of Vs. Urban Champion being announced over a year ago.

Please Nintendo make Urban Champion HD. That’s all we competitive Urban Champion players want. We just want you to respect a game that surpasses SSB, Street Fighter and Tekken and is the best fighting game of all time and the best video game ever created. Urban Champion is top tier art.

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Sorry Mr Toad, can't say I've played this one.

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Arcade Archives: Urban Champion has been out for quite a while now, and according to Metacritic, Gamerankings, and Opencritic, has not even garnered a single review across the wide world of the Interwebs. I'd say this speaks volumes about the overall interest in this game/franchise.



@klingki But it was the first 3D Classic remake Nintendo announced for the 3DS. And did it even get released on Wii VC before Super Mario Bros.?
Surely Nintendo has an ace market research team that concluded the demand for this game beforehard!



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