Topic: Sports games that are still fun if you're not a sports fan

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Mario Golf
Mario Tennis
Mario Strikers Charged
Everybody's Golf
Everybody's Tennis
Golf Story
Wii Sports
Wii Sports Resort (I even got my mum playing this and she's generally kind of scared of technology so it must be doing something right)
NFL Street
NFL Blitz
Oh, does Windjammers count? I'm gonna say yes because it's awesome.

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Not into sports or sports sim games, but love acrcade sports games:

NFL Blitz is great. Early games are easier to get into, and I like those more than the later one, but none of them are bad. Mutant Football League is the closest modern game to it, if you turn off dirty tricks and turn up the speed.
NBA Street
NHL Hitz
Sega Soccer Slam
Mario Strikers
Mario Golf
Mario Power Tennis
Virtua Tennis


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I'm a fan of baseball now, but I wasn't 20 years ago when I was given Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. for Nintendo 64. I must have spent hours upon hours on that game.

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NES Sports Games

Blades of Steel
Famista 89' Baseball (RBI)
Tecmo NBA Basketball
Super Tecmo Bowl NCAA
RC Pro Am
Rad Racer
T&C Surf Designs
Motocross Champion
Pro Wrestling
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge
WCW World Championship Wrestling
Skate or Die (mainly the halfpipe)



I enjoyed most of Midway's -itz games, EA's Street games back it the day. Most of the Mario Sports games too with Power Tenis and Strikers being my favorites. Mutant Football League is a good throwback to that era of gen 6 eXtreem sportz games. Oh, and can't forget Virtua Tennis.

If you consider wrestling a sport: Def Jam: Fight for New York, WWE Legends, and the Fire Pro games are all great.

Alright, just going to mention Tony Hawk, SSX, Waverace, and 1080 Avalanche and stop before this gets too long.

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Hey, a great game is We Ski and Snowboard if that counts. It is kind of open-world on a ski resort/mountain and it is pretty good. I like it better than We Ski. I have never done snowboarding so yeah.



I have some ideas for that:

A sumo stable management sim

And a baseball themed beat em up street brawler

(If you know a developer that's interested... heh)

Ps. Everyone knows Mario Tennis 64 is THE tennis game ūüėČ

Pps. Had some fun with a friend playing a retro baseball game. Think it was on nes. Super Mega Baseball is said to be pretty arcadey and fun too.

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