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@HobbitGamer Well, as mentioned, it's not so much about the game. That's not really going to make a dent in Stadia's armor. But the bad news in general of game developers being locked out of all of their Google-related apps most definitely is.

And bad news travels about 10 times faster than good news, so this could potentially be REALLY bad for them. Especially if other developers are inclined to chime in about their own troubles with Google...

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@ThanosReXXX ya regardless of what actually happened here, it just looks bad. The game itself is not the story here. Hopefully this is an isolated incident and can be resolved between both parties.

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New game coming exclusively to Stadia on March 1st. Pixeljunk Raiders. Free for Pro members or €20 to purchase. Looks interesting.

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Free stadia controller and chromecast with any purchase of a game worth at least €60. While stocks last. Check the app for details.

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They're getting desperate



@Octane I think they're trying to reel some PC players in. The PC version of FIFA is the last gen version whereas the Stadia version is more on a par with Series X and PS5. PC players aren't happy.

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@Tasuki Says a lot about the service when the last post here was 2 days away from being a year old, doesn't it?

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... I though it already ended...

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R.I.P. Stadia. You were a useless service, taken away too soon

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The death of the gaming system brought it's thread back to life. Huh.

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It took long enough for Stadia to shut down. Google must have hoped it would eventually become a success out of the blue if they waited long enough because I haven't heard a thing about the service for close to a year. Cloud only gaming just needs to finally end for good since it's been shown time and time again that it isn't a profitable or reliable market. Wondering what the few fans of the service are currently going through after this announcement.

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I suspect that what fans Stadia has left are currently looking at GeForce Now and Game Pass Ultimate and wondering why they didn't just switch over ages ago.

Also, people clearly don't know Google if they don't associate the brand with launching new services with a ton of hype behind them only to quietly kill them a few years later. They've done that a lot and there was a suspicion that Stadia might be another case of that right from the outset.


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