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What game would you like to have on Switch? Super Mario Galaxy 3, Super Mario Sunshine 2 or Super Mario 64 2? Any other Mario games that deserve a sequel? Why? Would it be on Switch or next gen? What would it be?

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Oh definitely Galaxy 3.

I don't see why they'd ever make a game Mario 64-2 anyway. It's a fairly standard 3D platformer, so there's no reason a sequel would keep the name.

The sequel to 64 is pretty much Odyssey!

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Galaxy 3.
I have experienced the Sphere worlds from Ratchet & Clank games too. (The Trilogy)
I was thinking it was a Sphere World before Super Mario Galaxy.

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@Dezzy Yeah, I just put that in there because it’s one of the most iconic Mario games ever. Apparently a sequel was in development but was cancelled. I also want Galaxy 3 even though I never played Galaxy 2.

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Out of those, definitely Galaxy 3. Overall though, my most wanted new Mario game would be Odyssey 2.

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Can't go wrong with a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine

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I never got to play Sunshine, so if the Mario Remasters don’t happen, I would at least want a sequel.

And this of course means something:

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@Tasuki Yeah, I feel like this could happen, but not under that name. Super Mario 3D World is basically Super Mario 3D Land 2, so Super Mario 3D Land 3 would be something like Super Mario 3D Kingdom.

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Hmm, except Kingdom is smaller than world .... I'm sure they can come up with something, though! I might like to try any of the Mario games, since I missed them before

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I would probably pick Galaxy 3, but I wouldn't be opposed to a new game with the sunshine concept (where all the levels are themed similarly), like a Super Mario Jungle - waterfalls, trees, canopy, ground level, etc.



Although possibly a little cold on them when the game released, I have grown to love the starbits in the Galaxy games - just how they visually add sparkle everywhere you go, and that lovely sound they make when you collect them. So I would like a Galaxy 3 if I had to choose from this list.

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Galaxy 3

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Eel wrote:

Sunshine 2 with super hi-tech next generation water graphics.

I agree with this, out of all of these decades old games there's the most potential with Sunshine 2 with the advances in tech. Also there's only a few games that have good water effects so I'd love to see Ninty make their mark on it.

Also Super Mario 64 2 would be a terrible name.

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@BruceCM I feel the only thing bigger than World would be... Super Mario 3D Galaxy which just brings us back to Super Mario Galaxy 3.

@jump The sad thing is, there almost was a game called Super Mario 64 2. 😣 If they were to release it, I hope the come up with a better name.

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Hmm, you could have Super Mario 3D Universe, I suppose .... Fortunately, they have plenty of people to brainstorm the naming of whatever game, so I'm sure they'll manage

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Super Mario 3D Sunshine Galaxy 64

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@BabyYoshi12 I didnt know there was a game called super Mario 64 2 they were working on.

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@Eel This is every Mario-player’s Dream! Actually this is:

Super Mario 3D Sunshine Odyssey Galaxy Run World Land 64 Maker

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