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James, I don't know why you made this community just for me to humiliate everyone here.
They all know that they cannot stand a chance racing me.
you all might as well give up and save yourself the embassment.

For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

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Dark_TeeJay wrote:

Nukerprime64 wrote:

This looks great! One question though, will there be a Nintendo Life MK7 Tournament with things like battle ladders to determine who has the most racing skill?

The game already calculates how much skill you have, as well as what "style" of racer you are.

Really? Wow...details please?

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HAHA LJM! That is the creepiest thing I have seen on this site to date. Well, I have been here 2 months, maybe I have...

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does the game allow for team races.


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some1 join!!! I'm the 3rd!!!



ok that is it mario kart 7 is peeing me off let me explain i go on the online mode takes about 15mins to find someone then i get an error code so i fix it no more error code and i play a few online matches and get upto 1050 divers points, but then i play again and i get disconcted on eror code so i play again and i keep on getting disconnected in the middle of a game, then i check my divers points this morning and its now 925!!!!!!! i lost pionts because i get disconnected. my internet is fine i played DorA dimesions online this morning to check if it was the 3DS its self it worked fine my internet has 3 bars and i want to play online without getting disconnected plz some one help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am hades true leader of the underworld. i must bid you ado


RVN !!! I'll beat you !!! ha ha ha !!!



picpik good races

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I'm officially ending my carreer. RVN is too fast !



Tomorrow you guys better be prepared to start losing online matches

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Awesome races guys! Surprised I managed to steal first place twice!

I also got in by using the join game feature! An orange blob was on the friend's list and on SEGAdude it said "OK to Join" so I clicked join game, it very quickly loaded up MK and connected! Works very well!

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I had a great race with some of you people here. I nearly finished 50cc and never touched 100cc and 150cc yet. First time lucky to come first place online. Well its just the luck of the Irish. I might be back online again but for now i got to study for school.

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Guys, let's try not to outscore the 2nd by more than 20 points, otherwise it's not fair, you can just farm points by playing tons and tons of races.
I say, there should be a dialy limit or something, if not, points won't really show skill accurately.



agree RVN, that's why i'm back in the race



This system Nintendo gave us is fun, but it's more about who's spending too much time on his 3DS" (like me) rather than "who's the best".



I apologize in advance if I'm racing with one of you and my connection drops out.


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Hey guys, are you using the community codes mentioned in the op? What's the most active one?



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