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Hello there I'm Timmy and I'm new to the Nintendo scene and would like to meet new ppl to game with on both switch and 3ds. I'm also new to Nintendo life. My switch code is SW-6150-8261-9345 and my 3ds code is 5086-6633-8372
Please add me and I'll add you I play many different games and will buy games you play if they are cool. Hope you have a great day.



Hey TImmy, I'm Oat. Nice to meet you. It actually might do you a bit better to post this in the Newbie's introduction thread. It'll be seen by a lot more people. I only have a 3ds but I'll be sure to add your friend code. Mine should be posted below this post. Lastly I'll link you the newbie introduction thread

So zetta slow!
3DS Friend code : 0662-8265-1183
NNID: CaptainCharacter
Switch Friend code: SW-6964-7226-0016

Switch Friend Code: SW-6964-7226-0016 | 3DS Friend Code: 0662-8265-1183 | My Nintendo: Oat | Nintendo Network ID: CaptainCharacter

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