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@gcunit "You can play it at home or on the go."

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Went on a trip to town today and was surprised to not only find RiME physically but also LA Noir for 30€. And that in a drug store, that usually doesn‘t even have the latest releases until maybe a week later, in a town, whose population largely consists of seniors.

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Had a little retail therapy yesterday. Nights of Azure 2, Splatoon joycons, and superbeat xonic (I was supposed to buy this months ago).

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JYDGE by 10Tons



Just bought Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Excited to give this a try ☺️

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Pool Billiard. One of the worst rated switch games on this site. I like it though, good party game for filthy casual scenarios.



The latest game i brought was Bayonetta 1 and 2 on release on Friday


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Just bought a few games off the Eshop as I was given a $100 Amazon gift card.

Layers of Fear
Samurai Aces
SkyForce Reloaded
Aqua Kitty DX
Pacman DX 2 (as soon as it's available)

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Rocket League....I was waiting for a sale on it and got one last week. I admit I suck. Badly. Very badly. It's a neat I can't even hit the ball most of the time. And DQB wants my attention so much. At least I can see the hype and have it around in case people I know want to play.



Bayonetta 1 + 2. Before that it was XC2.

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Picross S.

I'll probably jump between solving some puzzles in this, and completing History Map missions in FEW for the next couple weeks until Kirby releases.

So far it's been fun, but I've noticed some puzzles recycled from the 3DS games (However, I've only played 3 of the 3DS titles, so hopefully this won't be a big problem for me).

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I fancy a change from my usual cycle of Zelda and then ARMS for a quick lighter gameplay session.
I'm finally going to get Super Mario Odyssey as I must be the only switch owner without it.
I also bought a travel case with 20 game card slots as my preference for physical releases is catching me out when out and about...



Rocket League, I already know this game, but I recommend it to everyone. Pure E-sport
I bought Rocket League Items and I recommend it to everyone.
If you want to buy Rocket League items then I invite you to Odealo, are available on PS4 and Xbox, I buy for Rocket League on PC, mainly Items and Crates

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Psikyo's SAMURAI ACES courtesy of ZeroDiv. I'd held off for a couple of weeks but heck, I thought what the hell. Own every game ZeroDiv has put out on Switch so far. Already eager to see what lands on the eShop from them next.

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@Lroy I was just updating the file size thread, and realised that Samurai Aces is just 37MB and therefore in the top 3 of the smallest games (by file size) on the Switch. It's crazy how much fun and content in some of the smallest games is. Btw, number 1 is Retro City Rampage (24MB),

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@SKTTR Wow really. What is the second smallest I wonder?

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Just bought Mario Odyssey for $48 on Amazon



Traded xenoblade chronicles 2 as I wasn't enjoying it and picked up Dragon Quest Builders for only £35 at game.

I'm really enjoying so far. It feels like a mix of Minecraft and an older 2d zelda game.
I've never taken to Minecraft on the 360 or ps4 but, Dragon Quest just has enough rpg elements for me to keep playing it.
I don't see me playing anything else until May when dark souls comes out to be honest.

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