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I went and made an account just so I could get my thoughts out there.
All the hate reviews and comments towards Summer in Mara makes me so sad and disappointed, not at the game, but at the reviewers. Were you expecting something so history-breaking? You play the beginning and give up. Sure, maybe the beginning was a bit slow and confusing, but did you stick around to find out what makes it good?
The game is supposed to be a relaxing little RPG, not some high-standard animal crossing development or Zelda or have Splatoon mechanics. Even the glitches aren’t a huge problem. What game doesn’t have a glitch or two? It’s sad how such a chill and adorable game with cute characters have to endure such cruel reviews. Each character has a very specific and clear personality, which is hard for many story writers to grasp.
After the beginning of the game, the storyline becomes more brought-to-light. Oh yeah, during your complaints about the tedious and boring side quests, did you know they are the important foundation of story details in this chill game? Yes, it’s a chill game with chill RPG quests that doesn’t require beast hunting or monster captures. In a good story, characters need time to develop traits. The side quests give exactly that to gain more perspective on each interactive character. It’s not meant to be a hard game, because it’s like a storybook in the form of an RPG! It’s absolutely mesmerizing once you give yourself in to the wonderful world of Mara.
The feature that stands out most in this game, in my opinion, is the soundtrack. Oh, what beautiful music! None of you haters stayed long enough to find out. Your loss. The music makes Mara such a magical world!
You got your hopes up too much before actually playing, and the gradual increase in waiting lead to a huge vulnerability to disappointment. I may be one person, but this person is disappointed in you.



Oh right, forgot to say, I have been playing this game and I love it to the depth of my heart.



Sometimes the fun & charm factors are not well represented by review scores in the 6-7 range, which is where aggragated reviewer scores land on Metacric. I have really liked some games that fell in that score range or worse. I still see a lot of the reviewers say the Summer in Mara is charming and fun.

I see nintendo life gave it a 3. If that score seems harsh, I still like nintendo life, and forgive the reviewer. If I had to slog through a game that I'm really not feeling, even if its a very popular game, I admit that I probably couldn't give it a score as high as others could.

If you were scoring Summer of Mara, how would your score it?

(I like your username @sky-bobbin. Is that like a sewing machine bobbin in the sky? I give it a 9 out of ten 😉)

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I’d give it a solid 8. ^^
Thank you lol
I also like your name. I’m a big fan of inky world! @WoomyNNYes



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