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Anyone else picked up Windjammers 2 yet?

I am loving it so far. Looks stunning, plays smoothly and is addictive!

The perfect “one more go” game and even better having it on the go.



I'm waiting on physical for Switch from LRG, but I did just download on Gamepass. Haven't tried it out yet though.

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@Kirika I am loving the game so far! I got into the original over the last few years when I started to explore emulation and the Neo Geo library, and later bought it on Switch. I think 2 stays true to the original while adding the right amount of new characters and features. I downloaded it on Game Pass but also bought it on Switch to support the developer. Ranked matches have been fun on both but unfortunately the Switch online player count is already really small. I would be up to play some matches with anyone on here if you want to add me.

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