Topic: Will Zelda: Breath of the Wild be the best game ever?

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I know that everyone is excited for the new Zelda, but it only really dawned on me that most gamers will have a Zelda game in their top 3 games of all time, and perhaps had or have one at the top at some point.
The new game has so many new features and is such a reboot that it really does, in my opinion, have a shot at being the best game ever.
What do people think?



Most gamers having a Zelda in their top 3 is a bit of a stretch. I'm sure the majority of Nintendo fans do, though, or at least a lot of them.

All that we really know so far is that it's an open world Zelda. We know very little about the world and how interesting it is, how interesting the side quests are, how good the main story is etc etc. I think it has the opportunity to either be one of the best open world games out there, or just another Zelda game with a massive but boring map. That's probably my biggest concern, simply because the map is so huge. Bigger isn't always better, especially with a map of this size. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if there were several areas with basically nothing in them. Time will tell, though.

I think the game will definitely be good, and probably great, but whether it'll be the best game ever, or even one of the best, is another question entirely. I think we're gonna have to see more of the game before we can make that judgement, especially since this seems to be unlike any Zelda we've played before, or any Nintendo game for that matter.

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