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i think mario party 10 is THE best.

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I have the fondest memories of 2 and 4, though 4 also has my worst memories, the Splatoon-like minigame of jumping around like a stamp led to some very heated arguments and mutual self-destruction.
I'd say Super is the best in many areas except content, so MP2 is the best, because Pirate outfits.



For me 1 2 and 4 are the best ones, but like mentioned above they are al fun with 4p

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I like them all (out of what I've played), but Mario Party 6 is my favorite. The boards are quite creative, and many of the minigames are good fun. The day and night system makes the boards more interesting, as well. I also like how you're not required to play on your own to unlock more stuff (some of the other games require finishing story mode to unlock a hidden board). After all, Mario Party's meant to be played with friends and family!

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I've played 1-9, DS, and Island Tour. I thought they were all amazing. My favorite was 3. I especially liked the duel mode



1, the pain makes it immersive

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The first one of course. I can play mini games the wrong way and injury myself and Nintendo will pay me for it in the end.

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3 is the one I have the most fond memories of. 2 was just 1 with improvements in a lot of ways, while 3 went all in on lots of new minigames, that weird, cool dual game boards where you can get Mario enemies to fight for you. It has probably my favorite story mode of the series, it has the most going on in general until at least 6, the N64 games have the best soundtrack of the series in general.

6 is also really good.

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3 and 5 are my favorites, 5 had these enjoyable small games. I loved them.

3 I just liked in general.

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I haven't played 1-2 or 9 onwards, but out of 3-8, 5 is indisputably my favorite. They actually recognized Paper Mario as existing (the one and only time) with the Star Sprits, the minigames were great, the boards were all fun, no car, story mode, super duel mode was great, has the capsule system for items, and no microphone or bad motion minigames.



Mario Party 4 has amazing mini games and nostalgic music.

I love all the GC ones, but I think 4 has to be my favorite. It was also my very first Mario Party.

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