Topic: Where’s VS Excitebike?

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Seems to be a lack of people talking about this. Maybe it’s been cancelled or the NES Port is replacing it with the upcoming Paid Online Service. I really want the 3DS Version since it was Widescreen. The Series has mostly been dead since World Rally which which had amazing online.




It'll come eventually. Considering that Nintendo have greenlit a game as obscure as Sky Skipper for an international release (to be released in the coming weeks), I'm confident that their more familiar IP will follow.

I hope to see VS Duck Hunt and any other light gun games receive the Arcade Archives treatment as well (complete with motion controls).

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Now that it has come, what do you think of it? I want to buy it if only for its historical value, although I have the NES version on NES Mini. And I know the definitive version would be the FDS one (but I'm not a fan of editing tracks in any kind of game, so...). But do you guys enjoy the arcade version released some weeks ago by Hamster?

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Sorry it took me soo long to get back to you. VS Excitebike is an intersting version of Excitebike. It's basically a slightly better version of the NES Game but it may not be worth buying for people who aren't already fans of the series. I want a new Excitebike Game like World Rally with Online.




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