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There’s always the question of what Nintendo franchise is next to get a new Switch game. This thread will attempt to provide a complete list of series (with at least two games released in the series that aren’t ports or remakes) that have had at least one release since Jan. 1st 2009 (again not counting ports or remakes) that haven’t had a game released or announced for Switch (yet) in no particular order (not including the Wii or U series for obvious reason).
Series without any game released on Switch:
Mario & Luigi
Mario Vs. DK
Dr. Mario (Dr. Mario minigame in Brain Age)
Mario Golf
The Excite (series)
Punch Out
Kid Icarus
2D Metroid
Endless Ocean
Tomadachi (Mii)
Fossil Fighters
Star Fox
Golden Sun
Pokémon Rumble
Rhythm Heaven
Dillon’s Rolling Western
Style Savvy
Chibi Robo
Fatal Frame

Series without a new game on Switch (only ports or remakes)
New Super Mario Bros
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Donkey Kong
2D Zelda
Mario Kart

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Pikmin 4 should be coming at some point but who knows what's happened to that game. I also think we might see a Mario RPG before long, although Intelligent Systems has been busy with Three Houses so they probably haven't been working on Paper Mario just yet. Mario & Luigi seems more likely, then, since AlphaDream's only recent games have been the M&L remakes on 3DS, which probably would have left some of their developers free to work on a new game.

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Paper Mario and/or Mario & Luigi are almost certainly coming, it's more a matter of when than if. I would've thought we'd see one announced already, but I guess they're not ready yet. Maybe next year. DK and Mario Kart will almost certainly have an original game on Switch at some point as well, they're far too popular to just be left with ports. Mystery Dungeon and Pokepark seem to be dead and TPC seems to be obsessed with mobile, so I think we'll get very little in the way of Pokemon spinoffs and anything else we do get will probably be something new.

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Either a Sin & Punishment collection or a straight up sequel would top my list. Followed by an HD port of Kid Icarus: Uprising with dual analog support. The rail shooter genre doesn't get enough love these days.

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Geist, it's a given with the relentless pestering the fanboys give Nintendo HQ about it

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Legend of Zelda CDi remastered or a new entry if we are lucky

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Great topic! Especially considering there are many series here that people forget about. Thought I'd express my thoughts on these by sorting them into tiers:

Very likely (i.e. I'd be surprised if we didn't see these)

  • Mario & Luigi - as people have said above. Nintendo seems to really love this series - the only reason I see them stopping is due to fatigue.
  • Paper Mario - the real question is whether this is a traditional title or not.
  • Pikmin - Pikmin 4 has been in development. Pikmin has appeared in some form or another on every home console since Gamecube.
  • Dr. Mario - if not an original game, the mobile port.
  • Mario Golf - this or another Mario sport.
  • Pokémon Rumble
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
  • 2D Metroid
  • Dillon’s Rolling Western
  • Pushmo
  • 2D Zelda - depdent on success of Link's Awakening

Somewhat likely (i.e. I wouldn't be surprised either way)

  • Mario Vs. DK
  • Tomadachi (Mii)
  • Fossil Fighters
  • Warioware
  • Star Fox
  • Kid Icarus - Sakurai has expressed no interest in developing a new one, but I think another team in Nintendo could pick this up.
  • Poképark
  • Rhythm Heaven
  • Style Savvy
  • Brain Age
  • Nintendogs
  • Chibi Robo
  • Fatal Frame - this would seem unlikely had Nintendo not just acquired the IP...but you never know.
  • Mario Kart - will need something new to shake it up
  • Donkey Kong - might depend on resource (Retro Studios)

Unlikely (i.e. I would be surprised if we did see these)

  • Pilotwings
  • Punch Out - torn on this. I feel we might have seen this instead of Arms as a tech demo for the joycon.
  • The Excite (series)
  • Golden Sun
  • Endless Ocean
  • New Super Mario Bros - I think if Nintendo release a new 2D Mario, it would have to come with massive changes (i.e. a new series)

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@Galarian_Lassie I think most of those have good chances, especially Mario and Luigi, Paper Mario and Pikmin. @Buizel makes very good points.

One I do not think we will see a new entry for is the NSMB series. For that matter, aside from potential ports of classic titles, I don't think we will see any other 2D Mario titles on Switch. Mario Maker 2 renders them all borderline irrelevant. Why spend 60 bucks on a standard 2D 8-9 world Mario game when you can buy Mario Maker, get a full Mario game and effectively endless fan-made levels?

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@Heavyarms55 I do think there is still a market for a new (non-Maker) 2D Mario game. NSMBUDX still seems to be selling well, long after SMM2 was announced.

Hopefully the next 2D Mario (whether on Switch or the next console) won’t be another level pack for NSMB Wii again and will shake things up.

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@Galarian_Lassie It is for now, but I fully expect that to drop off. I could see a new 2D game if they really came up with a totally new style. But it seems largely redundant to me. Any new 2D style would be better off as a DLC in Maker. I know that will be a controversial opinion though.

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A new F-Zero would be cool.



Eternal darkness 2
Wave race switch
F zero switch

That would be me VERY happy

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I feel like Advance Wars/Famicon wars may get a revival now that FE is ridding high. They meet two different strategy needs imo so there is a need for both. I like Tiny Metal, but would prefer a new Advance Wars.

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Removed Brain Age off the list.

Not sure if I should remove NSMB since a 2D Mario game has been confirmed to be in development but not specifically in the "New" series.

Also M&L isn't likely going to be happening now...

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I swear to christ if Pikmin 4 doesn't appear on switch I'm going to eat 2 cubic tons of sand.



I am also waiting for pikmin 4



Everyone’s waiting for pikmin 4.

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Pikmin 4 is even waiting for Pikmin 4.
It’s the new Mother 3.


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Wonder what happened to pikmin 4. Honestly I don't believe that it is coming anymore. I would love to be wrong with this one.

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