Topic: What is the future of the Paper Mario series?

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The Game Awards are coming up in a few days and I feel like if any Mario series makes an appearance at The Game Awards, it'll be Paper Mario. Even if it doesn't get announced at the Game Awards, a Switch take on Paper Mario is inevitable.

The real question mark is what gameplay style the next Paper Mario will be. I don't think PM will go back to the SS/CS style of gameplay just due to how controversial that would be among the fandom. My bet is that Nintendo/Intelligent Systems will either go back the classic RPG style of Paper Mario/TTYD or go for a completely new different style of gameplay.

Whatever it will be, I'm still optimistic despite the problems that were present in the two previous titles.

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I would like to see :
1. Batlle system like FF X with characters / foes icon list.
2. Summon Things more than 50 things.
3. Job change like FF X-2.

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7. Martial Beat

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