Topic: What controller(s) are you using with your switch?

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only pro controller



@Joeynator3000 yea Im hoping with the new Switch they make joycon sticks bigger, the joycons seem to be more of a tilt movement instead of a fluid circle movement. most of us are going to use third party controllers anyways which I think is kind of cool for a company to let others do. honestly you could just take the ideas from others and make your own but why not share the experience =)

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For most things just the pro controller but for anything which requires a d-pad I use the xbox series x controller using a mayflash wireless converter.



I really enjoy the 8bit do Ultimate controller, the hall effect joy sticks are nice.

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Joycons, Procon and when the need arises the NSO controllers or my arcade stick. I have a bunch of the hori split pads but I don’t even use them.

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As a 100% handheld guy, it's Joy-Cons all the way.

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Hori Split Pad Pro for the most part. Every joy-con I ever used never lasted beyond six months and I grew tired of fixing / replacing them. Also have a standard Pro controller, an 8bitdo Pro, an 8bitdo SN30, and a Hori Pro V Hayabusa.

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Standard black pro controller. Joy-cons drifted, plus one died in the years since I stopped using them.



Use a Pro Controller, switch to Joy Cons when it's misbehaving. Neither are flawless and I'm not particularly impressed.

For a console that tries so hard to remove any barrier between me and the games...its controllers do a great job of putting me off! Never had this issue with any console before.



Just joycons, because I use Switch as handheld console only.

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I have really liked the GuliKit KingKong 2 controller - picked it up after my pro controller began to drift. I have zero complaints, and it performs every bit as good as the pro controller (and shouldn't ever drift).


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