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@cwong15 Do you eat meals for Attack Up level 3? It boosts your damage output by a huge amount supposedly. I'll pull my guidebook off my shelf and edit this with the exact numbers. It's seriously worth foraging for the ingredients, like mighty bananas, etc.

Edit: Atk Up meals boost your damage by 20% at Lv1, 30% at Lv2, and 50% at Lv3. Boosting your attack by 50% makes a big difference against bosses and sub-bosses.

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@cwong15 @Eel @Matt_Barber Ahh, gloom recovery food, good suggestion! That bit will be helpful, since I've been neglecting that.

Otherwise, I've got most armor sets with handy abilities upgraded to the max, level 4. So, I believe I'm good with armor. Thanks everyone!

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How is Tears of the Kingdom treating yall? Hope u all have been having a blast with it!! 🙏🏻❤️

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I've played it through three times, for about 700 hours in total. Easily the best game of last year.

I'm particularly impressed by the game's physics engine, which is a massive upgrade from the already impressive one in Breath of the Wild. Check out Hyrule Engineering on Reddit sometime, or there are plenty of compilations of the best builds to be found on YouTube.


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