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So here is where people can just talk about new fighters and speculate about when new fighters will be released and who they will be.



I think the next character is either going to be Ryu Hayabusa or a Capcom representative - but I feel like Monster Hunter's ship has sailed, especially with the recent insider claim that Byleth was based on a scrapped character moveset that fell through along with the claim that Monster Hunter likely isn't happening (and Byleth's moveset definitely seems like it could've been based off a dropped Monster Hunter kit from my limited knowledge and from what others have said)



My guesses:

  • A Capcom representative: either Dante (Devil May Cry) or Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) or a Monster Hunter representative.
  • Rayman or Crash Bandicoot
  • Waddle Dee
  • Banshee, Ramirez or Johnsey (Fortnite)
  • Waluigi

Unlikely characters :

  • Sora (we already had Sephiroth from Square)
  • Doom guy (too generic, not Nintendo enough)
  • Master Chief (already had Steve, maybe for the 3rd season)
  • any character that has only featuring in a single game



I still feel like Eggman would be a great rep after getting Sephiroth. Several third parties have now had a second rep and Sonic feels like the natural next candidate, given his history and the strengthened relationship between Nintendo and Sega.

Although I would like to see Rayman as a rep for Western platforming mascots, I think we're more likely to see Crash. I think it's inevitable that the Switch will get a late port of Crash 4, and a Smash appearance would tie in well with this. Conversely, it's been ages since we heard anything about Rayman =/

I'm expecting one of the remaining three characters to be a Nintendo property - either from a very recent game that they aim to promote (anything on the Switch - I think Rex/Pyra are still on the cards), or something from a series that hasn't yet been represented.

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Here are my likely picks

  • Doomguy or Master Chief
  • Lloyd Irving
  • Crash
  • Dante
  • Sceptile or Blaziken

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I will post the same wishlist every time one of threads pop up.

Licker from Resident Evil
Scorpion from Mortal Kombat
Professor Layton
Lego Batman
A hoe from GTA
Ivy from Soul Caliber
Lara Croft
Doom guy

Nicolai wrote:

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One of the three characters is likely a new Capcom rep. At this point it's down either to Phoenix Wright or Dante from DMC imo

In terms of new third party publisher reps I'd be down for DOOM Slayer, Crash Bandicoot and Rayman, and for new franchises by an already repped third party publishers, I'd love Siegfried from Soul Calibur, a rep for mainline SMT now that we have a Persona rep, M. Bison and Raiden from Metal Gear


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@jump Mara and Succubus as a tag team character with Catherine as an assist trophy

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@TheFrenchiestFry Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

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I've been thinking long and hard since Spehiroth's reveal, and here is what I think the final 3 fighters will be, along with some other potential candidates.

I really thought Crash was going to be revealed at The Game Awards, and while Sephiroth is a good consolation prize, I think Crash still has a pretty strong chance of getting in. Crash is incredibly iconic, and has a long legacy (even if some of his games are better forgotten), he recently had a new game that was very well received, and even if he was chosen before Crash 4 underwent development, there's still the N Sane Trilogy to pull from. And if Crash 4 does come to Switch, which I do think it will, I could certainly see that and Crash in Smash being tied together. Western characters are getting attention in Ultimate, and since he's not technically a Sony character anymore, I don't see anything holding Crash back. I think he's a pretty safe bet for one of the last 3 slots, even if he wouldn't be the most unique fighter. I would guess he'd be the next character, revealed in February or March.

If Ultimate has had a trend with its characters, aside from adding characters that have been requested by fans for years, it's the heroes and villains theme that many of the newcomers have been based on. And even after Sephiroth, I still think there could be one more villain added. And in my eyes, none would be more fitting to put in Smash than Dr. Eggman. He's one of gaming's most iconic baddies, Sonic could really use a second rep, and he could have a really unique playstyle. And considering how much of a bond Nintendo and Sega have, I think Eggman would be a very feasible pick. Would be revealed at E3, although I could see him being revealed in the next month or two as well, swapping positions with Crash. It really would depend on who Nintendo would consider bigger, since they both are big names.

Final character... I have this feeling it will be first party, so I'm tempering my expectations. With Impa gone (can't see why they'd add a Spirit for her now if they would add her), I'm very hopeful Kirby will get another rep. Bandana Dee is both the fan-favorite and (probably) the most likely. He'd be the one I'd want most. Of course, I can't discount Pokemon, either. Even if it wouldn't be my personal pick, the popularity of Pokemon (as well as this being an anniversary year for the franchise) will always have it in the mix. This is overall the hardest for me to predict, since it's such a wide umbrella that first party is covered by. Regardless of who the last character is, I anticipate a September or October announcement.

Now, here are some other characters I've been thinking about. I'm not discounting any of these, any of them:

Monster Hunter: Lets get the obvious one out of them way- Monster Hunter Rise will be releasing in two months time, as a Switch exclusive. Additionally, Rathalos is already a boss in Ultimate, so if Capcom was to introduce a new rep (as much as I'd love someone like Chun Li or M. Bison) it would be the protagonist of Rise. It's been promoted fairly extensively for a third party game, as it just had a presentation last week. Plus, the Monster Hunter Mii Fighter costume from Smash 4 is one of only two that's not in Ultimate, which strengthens this possibility. Would very likely be the next character, if it happens.

Lloyd Irving: Considering Namco is a developer of Smash Ultimate, it kind of baffles me they only have one rep. I am by no means a Tales fan, so I'm not disclosed to discuss Lloyd's chances in length, but I understand he's very popular, and his costume from Smash 4 is the other not to be in Ultimate. So he most certainly has a chance, but don't ask me much about how the heck he would work.

Jonsey (or any Fortnite character): No. Just no. Fortnite may be popular, but it doesn't have the legacy, in my eyes, to warrant it getting a character. It would have to be the next game, at the absolute earliest, and even I don't really want it. And with Steve in the game, it would make the prospect of a Fortnite character in Smash pretty unoriginal concept- it'd be Steve combined with a zoner. No thank you. A Mii Fighter costume, fine, but nothing more.

Doom Slayer: I'm not so sure on this. I think it could happen, but the only cause for pause to me is that Vault Boy got a costume already. If Doom Slayer was coming, you would think he and the Vault Boy costume would come in the same update. This could be completely irrelevant, but I just can't shake that feeling

Master Chief: His chances were killed the second Steve was revealed. I can't imagine a third Microsoft rep being introduced in the same game. Would I be against Master Chief getting in? Heck no. But I sure don't see it as likely. A Mii Fighter costume would be great, though. Please?

Rayman: Ehh... why do I feel Ubisoft is moving away from Rayman? The longer we go, the more I think his chances diminish, until he gets a new game. Would he fit? Absolutely, and he could be very unique. But I'm not going to hold onto false hopes.

Tracer: Man, I've been wanting this, but I just don't think it's happening. And I can't really pinpoint why I think that. Tracer would be a great fit, but I just don't know if Blizzard is willing to cooperate.

Waluigi: Man, this a tough one. Waluigi would be a perfect finisher to Ultimate's DLC- ending it with the very character that people have been in an uproar about since E3 2018. Yes, he's a bit of a meme pick, but after Piranha Plant and Steve, I don't see any reason to believe that Sakurai couldn't pull something like this. As for the whole Assist Trophy argument... it could feasibly be worked around. Simply prevent him from appearing in them whenever he's playable. Not like it would impact most matches, anyway, since items aren't used in any form of competitive games. Sakurai has gone back on his rules all the time, he did it with Mewtwo, he did it with Ridley. I will put nothing past this man, and if Waluigi sneaks in, I'll be ecstatic, but unsurprised at the same time.



@GigaMermaid i agree with your point on jonsey. I would replace impa with sceptile because we don't have a fully evolved grass type but we have a fire and water fully evolved starter. So sceptile could complete the trio. And I'm 99% sure sceptile isn't a spirit. But I could be wrong. But I would love to see sceptile in the game.

Blaziken also has a good chance of getting in. It's pokedex entry says it has 'incredibly strong legs' so that could be good. I wouldn't be surprised if I see blaziken or sceptile on the roster in the coming months. I don't know if blaziken is a spirit but im pretty sure mega blaziken is. But then again min min happened so anything is possible.

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