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It looks like 3D Kirby.



This is our first 3D Kirby Platformer right?

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I was expecting a 3D Kirby to be structured like Mario 3D Land or World. Pleasantly surprised that it's a more open sandbox game



Hopefully not a true open world game and more like Mario Odyssey (or the older 3D Mario games, lol), but it does look like it'll be like Mario. So, I'm fine with that.

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It looks like it has more of a mario galaxy thing, or sunshine, were you pick a world and each stage is like a Level in the same world idk.

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I’ve been yearning for a 3D platforming Kirby for years, so, I’m definitely looking forward to this, especially considering how painfully bland Star Allies was (following the excellent Planet Robobot).

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First time I saw 3D style Kirby game.

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I'm really happy about this! Kirby's the last major Nintendo series to never get a proper 3D game until now, its been so long overdue. And I'm here for nearly any attempt at a 3D platformer from a major company nowadays.

I also love that its continuing the trend of cute Nintendo games that are in some sort of post-apocalypse. This is not even the first Kirby game to do it, which makes it funnier.

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After watching the trailer, I'm still not really impressed. I'll probably just wait for reviews before anything else, since I don't really feel like spending 60 bucks and regretting it.

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Looks fantastic. Really the only other exclusive outside of Metroid Dread & SMTV that really has my attention.

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My most anticipated game of the very good Direct, and I pre-ordered Bayonetta 3 in December 2018. (I think Amazon currently has a December 2021 release date, maybe they'll change it to 2022 soon.)

Anyway I'm down for Kirby's Odyssey (I can't be bothered with the actual name) but need to know 2 things:

1. Co-op. If it's co-op it's day 1.
2. Length. Star Allies was fun but seemed short. If it's 8 hours and only $40 fine, but hopefully a little longer and $60.

But whatever, hopefully it's their May game and Splatoon 3 in July. B3 for Halloween, and Zelda BotW2 in there somewhere. November?

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I liked what I saw, as a fan of Kirby this definitely caught my interest.



This looks really good! Weirdly enough, I'm digging the post-apocalyptic theme. I'm relatively new to the Kirby-verse; I dismissed the pink puffball for years until I played Kirby Superstar on the SNES Classic and found it very enjoyable. I then picked up Kirby's Adventure on the Wii U VC - not as good, but still a blast! I have Planet Robobot backlogged, but have yet to play it.

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I am so hyped for 3D Kirby!! Kirby Odyssey sounds perfect. I'm in love with the sound effects; listening to Kirby hop around the world is so cute! And the animations actually impressed me already, nicely palpable and kinetic, like when Kirby sucks in an enemy.

I don't think it will be a full open world. One of the official descriptions uses the word "stages" and that sounds like a key word. Odyssey style sounds most likely: large, open-ended stages connected by a transportation mechanic, which will probably be a Kirby Air Ride -like mini game!

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I mean it's great that Kirby's finally gone 3D, but I'm not seeing the "wow" factor in this game. Like, it's 3D, but it still looks (which the obvious exception of the post-apocalyptic setting) and seems to play very similarly to how a lot of the recent Kirby games have. It doesn't seem to be open world if you pay attention to the footage, it seems to be a linear platformer like Super Mario 3D World with a few Sprawling Savanna-esque open areas that still funnel you forward. It's fine, but I'm not really feeling the hype. Maybe they'll show off some better levels and mechanics with future updates, but right now I'm not particularly hyped.


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I'm so happy about this. I love that pink lil bubblegum .



kkslider5552000 wrote:

Kirby's the last major Nintendo series to never get a proper 3D game until now

Yoshi still hasn't had one...



@Clyde_Radcliffe There was a 3D Yoshi game in development by the team that made Star Fox but Nintendo weren't happy with it so the canned it but the developer retooled it to become Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.

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alpacatears wrote:

I love that pink lil bubblegum .

Isn't it cute?

Although I'll wait for reviews before buying it. I was also hyped by the new Mario Golf but didn't get it in the end.

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Real question is, will it be difficult?



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