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So for some reason I can't get any sound from the switch's built in speakers or from the HDMI cable when it's docked. I have tried 2 HDMI cables just in case. The only way I can get sound is through the headphone jack... Anyone else having this problem or have fixed it? Wondering if I got a faulty switch. Wouldn't be the first time I got a faulty product, seems like I get faulty stuff 60% of the time...



Volume is on the top of the tablet. Try changing it there. When docked, is the TV turned on and displaying the switch? Is the HDMI cord correctly inputted into the dock and TV? Do you have a faulty HDMI input on the TV? Have you tried other HDMI inputs you have on the TV?

If it looks you tried and tested through this and still no volume. You probably indeed have faulty hardware.

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Yeah I have tried all of that


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