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A Switch version of No Man's Sky has been listed by Gamestop on a trade in offer list. Is it a complete mistake or an accidental leak? Take a look for yourself (It's in the Switch section between Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists and Octopath Traveler)

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I got a platinum trophy from the launch version of No Man's Sky on PS4, so I have zero interest in returning to the game. However, if there's a physical release, I might be tempted to double dip in sake of the collection. The game has come a long way since its failed promises at launch.

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@Galarian_Lassie I've heard they have really improved the title since the borefest it was at launch. Since, if I can set aside how underwhelmed I was initially and remember how much I like the original idea, if the title comes to Switch, I will give it another chance.

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I bought it recently on PS4 on the understanding that a VR mode is coming, so I doubt I'd get a Switch version unless I really take to it.

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They already have it's called Starlink Battle for Atlas. It actually has a story, a point, beautiful graphics and Star Fox

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I've enjoyed Starlink since launch, but it has a pretty forgettable story.
I'd be inclined to look into No Man's Sky if this turned out true.


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