Topic: RPGs like Diablo, Zelda or Skyrim you'd recommend playing for long flights?

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So yeah, would definitely get Diablo, and probably Zelda or Monster Hunter for long flights. Other RPGs worth playing for long flights include Dead Cells, Hand of Fate 2, Skyrim, Xenoblade & Valkyria as well as Stardew Valley.

Any other RPGs with huge open worlds, lots of loot & grind and long playing time you'd recommend for long flights?



Missed Dark Souls. Ys 8 would be good too. And Tales of Vesperia when it comes out in about a month.

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Ys VIII, for sure. Action-RPG with an almost Metroidvanian progression structure, equipment to craft, raids to fight, quests to complete, etc. It's a really good time.

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Long quality RPGs include almost anything from NIS America, especially Disgaea 5 Complete and Disgaea 1 Complete. Also, the Final Fantasy games are an obvious option not mentioned yet (still waiting for physical versions though). I personally like the 16-bit retro-style eShop JRPGs from Kemco as well (Asdivine Hearts).

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Another vote here for Ys VIII.

Arguably the best arpg on the Switch...until Diablo III released.

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