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@Nephestinus 1) I really hope Atlus slaps 3 FES and 4 Golden together in one with better resolution, some QoL features and the like. Though I started playing 4 Golden on PC I'll get it anyways because it's portable dammit!
2) Me too, but realistically Nintendo won't even localise Mother 3, so why would they?
3) Absolutely! It's a pretty long game and the release of DQXIS last year will have opened peoples' eyes to the irresistible charm of Dragon Quest.
4) Like Dragon Quest I've only gotten into Fire Emblem through the latest entires, but I'm sure that's true for a lot more people, and they will all likely agree!
5) Yes. Not for me personally, but Nintendo'll make a lot of money from it.
6) As a devout follower of the Xenoblade trilogy of games, ME WANT

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Ok so apparently rumors are picking up that Sony Interactive Entertainment is finally set on acquiring Bluepoint Games, so I hope they get around to doing games like Ico and Dark Cloud after Demon's Souls assuming that they don't end up doing Metal Gear Solid like it's been cryptically hinted towards


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