Topic: Rare Replay: Nintendo's Version?

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There has been rumours of Rare Replay or Halo Trilogy on Switch for ages now. Whereas I can't see it happening, it would be one of the most monumental gaming events in the history of gaming. Microsoft would become an ambassador of gaming! It would be huge. They would be crazy to bring their current games over, but their retro catalogue (and Rare has such history) would bring them nothing but goodwill.

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There might be a slight chance of a Rare Replay coming to the switch in another year sounds like a good idea of a switch game for the Nintendo Switch.



If I want anything from MS, it's Halo1. I loved that game and bought my first xbox for it. I even called it my Halo adapter.

Don't touch the game...except add online and ad-hoc connection modes for the split-screen stuff, and gyro aiming. Maybe create new art assets.

I think there would be a big market for the game. I'd personally love to play some co-op on the to speak.

I think they'd be printing money for next to zero effort.



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