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@DjLewe78: Well, just because it's IGN, doesn't mean that all the articles they post are reliable. This is clearly one of those click-bait articles from IGN. The claim was taken from Wall Street Journal, even though the source links to eurogamer. I'll try to find the original article if I can.

By the way, don't forget that they're talking abour rumours. Actually, they're not even rumours, they're made up nonsense. Read this line: ''All of this tallies with rumours about what the controller will look like, along with a patent filed by Nintendo earlier this year.'' ...and they link to an article that discusses the patent that came with this image: Despite the fact that it's just a patent and nothing more, Nintendo specifically said that the images present in the patent are nothing more than examples (which is usually true for patents). They have no idea what they're talking about. Anyway, I'm going to find that Wall Street Journal article...



Found it. Is it that difficult to link your articles IGN?

''TOKYO— Nintendo Co. has begun distributing a software development kit for its new NX videogame platform, people familiar with the matter said, suggesting the company is on track to introduce the product as early as next year.''

First line, that's all you need to read. ''People familiar with the matter'' could be almost anyone, even someone like Pachter can be considered ''familiar with the matter'', these are nothing more than guesses. ''suggesting the company is on track to introduce the product as early as next year.'' is again a suggestion. I don't know by whom, the ''people familiar with the matter'' or the writer of the article, but that doesn't matter. Even if they're handing out development kits, you'd think they would give third parties a little more time than a year to develop games for their new console. Anyway, that's not of importance. It's not evidence of anything, they're just predictions by ''some people''...

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To be honest im not really interested in the patents as theres so many flying around (i actually hate that patent showing a controller with a screen and jog wheels each side, it looks like a cheap toy and i believe its a decoy) I was interested in the bit that said that the first dev kits appear comparable with current gen consoles. To me that hopefully suggests no excuses from 3rd partys about performance and if the android part is right too it will be a whole lot easier to port games over.

I fully understand not believing everything a site says but its hard to say that the information doesn't make sence.
Im going with it

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@DjLewe78: As I pointed out, and you don't have to believe anything, it isn't the prototype for an actual product. Nintendo patented the rotationairy shoulder buttons and drew a mock-up of what could be an example. They clearly specified that and the claim made in the patent doesn't mention the controller at all. The problem is that people see the image and assume it's some kind of prototype or whatever, but in reality it isn't. Anyway, that was just to point out that IGN likes to ''assume'' quite a lot.

I'm not sure if you already read my follow up post, but even the original source doesn't have any proof at all. It's just a suggestion. I understand that it seems likely at this point, because a lot of people and media are ''suggesting'' the same thing, but that doesn't, or shouldn't, make it more believable. Nobody knows anything. All we know is that the NX is hardware and that Nintendo will talk more about it next year.



@BlueSkies: Don't accuse the Wall Street Journal of speculating and then post an "article" from Player Essence. They did no research, did not vet the Nintendo Forum's source and you expect people to take it seriously? There is a chance it's real but it's far from credible.

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As Octane pointed out, the WSJ quotes concerning the design of the platform as a Fusion type console comes from an abstract "people familiar with the matter."

People familiar with the matter would know Miyamoto has recently floated how Nintendo will address the lack of a touch screen controller on the next console for titles like Mario Maker (and Maker sequels).



@BlueSkies: Did he? Do you still have a link to that article perhaps?



The guy who wrote the WSJ article has since posted a tweet saying:

""Industry-leading" chip = more powerful than PS or Xbox? My answer is don't know. But that's how sources described"

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all we're getting is hype, no information, just hype about a processor being powerful. BUT - that's exactly what so many of you have been begging for. the meaningless hype designed to get you talking. i wonder how many of you are happier with nintendo's new strategy? leaking out all this non-information to build hype is a clever and subtle way of doing it.

Octane wrote:

everyone needs to relax and enjoy the games that are released today and stop worrying what Nintendo will do in a year or two from now.

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