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A spanish video game portal recently talk about Capcom possibly working towards optimizing RE7 for the switch

Here is a rough translation of what was said:

"The GamesIndustry portal, in the Japanese version, has collected the words of Masaru Ijuin, of the Japanese company Capcom, which it gave in the GCC held 2017 in the oriental country and that opens the door to a version for Nintendo the terrifying Resident Evil 7 Switch, once the own Publisher denied this possibility only a couple of months ago. According to explained Ijuin, in these moments in the offices of their studies are studying how to move the Resident Evil Engine to the game console of Nintendo, and are seeking how to optimize it so it is capable of operating in the mode of saving of battery and, likewise, is capable of answer in them two modes of performance of the machine hybrid , both the laptop as the of table. Talk was held in different media and with the company of Masaru Mitsuyoshi, representative of the own Nintendo, which highlighted the constant communication with the various studies to have different opinions about your hardware."

If this is true, RE7 might be the first AAA title on the switch. It's also worth noting the mature rating the game would have on the switch. Which bodes well with Nintendo presenting more mature games.

A story also came out in which Capcom and other devs complained to Nintendo about lack of RAM on the system. Due to the fact the RE engine would not run on the Switch with the current RAM. Which in turn led Nintendo to amp the RAM to Capcom's request of 4 GB.

Link to article:

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I swear I keep seeing people posting/start threads about this when the story is months old.

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