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Hey. So recently I've been playing PLA, and it's probably my favorite of the Pokemon series. Some time ago the game got an update, adding a postgame quest about "Massive outbreaks". So right now, I am stuck at the mirelands section of the quest. I cannot see any massive outbreaks as the time to catch them has run out, and if I speak to the girl with the Munchlax, which is how you make them show up again, I only hear "Go back to the village, we'll wait for a new outbreak." So I've gone to the village, twice now, and caught a bunch of pokemon, restarted the game, waited quite a lot, and she still says the same thing. I am worried that the quest is now impossible, Has anyone else had this issue? How do I fix it?



@sunny63 I had literally the exact same thing happen to me during my playthrough. My solution was to just keep revisiting the area until the MMO came back. It's completely random when it comes back so don't worry: I got caught out by it as well when I first played it XD

Also, for queries like this, I'd advise putting them in the respective game thread rather than creating an entirely new one for it. Just letting you know for next time

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Thank you very much! I will get on that next time I play. I am going to delete this post in a couple days so you have time to read my thanks. Bye!


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