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On the Overwatch Forums, I already made this Forum, and have seen the point of view from the Overwatch side of the crowd and would now like to know the side from Nintendo fans, other than myself.
"With the Nintendo Switch arriving March 3rd, gamers will be able to now enjoy the new dual handheld and home console. I think, as long as Nintendo does Online right for the Switch and it has enough power, it would be good for Overwatch to be on it. Not only could this bring Overwatch fans over to Nintendo, which in turn is more money to help save Nintendo, but also allows us gamers to bring our favorite game with us on the go! What do you guys think?"



I would love it if the brought Overwatch to the Switch, only thing though I would want them to unify the account system across all the console platforms. I have a bunch of skins and of course my stats on the PS4 version and really wouldn't want to start over in that regard. Of course being able to play Oerwatch on the go tempting.

I would also like to see Blizzard bring over Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm as well.

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