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Once again I'd love remakes of two games that I enjoyed immensely and hoping to get the word out there. I would love to have the full trilogy of the Ogre Battle March of the Black Queen released on the switch. If the powers that be hear my plea...😁



Two threads asking for two srpg classics? You should purchase a PS Vita if you're eager to play either sooner rather than later. Until then I suggest you have a look at either The Banner Saga, the Disgaea series, or Mario + Rabbids.

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Lol...yes I know. But I I no longer have access to virtual console on either the Wii or the Wii U I am asking for these titles on the switch since I don't want to play them on any other system.



Awesome idea, @MrH .... I'd imagine you're familiar with the other games suggested but I'll back up the suggestions, just in case! Mario & Rabbids is also well worth playing

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I have not played, but I will definitely look into it. Thank you 😊



Yes please to Tactics Ogre! Hope it will happen.



I don't think a game like Tactics Ogre could be released these days - It's a relatively niche series compared to Final Fantasy (Tactics) which would sooner see a reboot/re-release.

I never beat Final Fantasy Tactics, and I did have a bit of trouble playing it on my PSP (the load times were annoying), but I much preferred Tactics Ogre. Tactics Ogre was too good a game to be replaced by Final Fantasy Tactics. Alas, the series is probably dead in favour of its contemporary.

EDIT - I had played Knights of Lodis on the GBA too. I'm disappointed they never put that on the virtual consoles, although knowing my luck, it wouldn't have appeared in my region.

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