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I'm trying to buy a game on the eShop, but it only takes credit cards and i'm using a debit card. Doe's anyone know when they will use debit cards?



I only use a debit card and I've never experienced any issues on either 3DS, Wii U or Switch. A debit card functions in the same manner as a credit card, except that you can only use it to spend money that has been deposited into it, as opposed to a credit card, where you'll need to pay back what you spend later.

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I used my debit card to pay for games on Wii/Wii U.I haven't used it yet on Switch though as I had loads of US Amazon gift cards and used them to buy Eshop credit and added them to a US Nintendo account.It shouldn't be an issue though as long as your debit has Visa or Mastercard.If you're having problems though then buying from Amazon might be a solution for you.I see you're in Canada,not sure if your Amazon sells Eshop codes?If not you can buy them from US Amazon but it's not as straight forwards as just purchasing them and adding them,you're supposed to be within the US or it blocks you.But it's easy to get around,just need to change some settings in your account..I can tell you how to do it if interested.

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