Topic: NF Magazine Hints at NX Reveal Date?

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I'm subscribed to the NF magazine, which for those who don't know, is a successor to Nintendo Power. After reading the latest issue for September/October, I noticed at the end in the preview for the upcoming issue that one of the headlines was "NX Revealed at Last!"
I thought this was pretty odd considering that issue probably won't be released until mid November.

I'm skeptical that the writers somehow know when the NX will be revealed, but at the same time it seems odd for that to be a headline if they know nothing more than we do. They could just be guessing and I'm simply reading into it too much, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.


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probably reading too much into it but at the same time some of the nintendo power staff is their so surely at least one of them has a contact or two.

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I guess they are just assuming that by the time that issue is coming out, the NX surely must've been revealed already!

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