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Does anyone know when there will be switch item offered in the "My Nintendo" Program? I have 900 gold coins and 250 silver coins. I just checked today and say that 112 of my gold coins will expire in march and i havent been able to use them on anything. So if they expire without anything to spend them on thats kind of bull. Also i dont have 3ds or the phone games.



Sadly there hasn't been any news on that for quite some time.
Hopefully there will be some in 2018.


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@Firezown I sold my WiiU and 3DS to buy a Switch, so those points are worthless to me right now as well.
My guess is it will be revealed at the January Nintendo Direct together with the paid online service.



It is stupid that the points expire at all. I already lost about 1500 coins because they expired.

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540 Silver points and 1260 Gold points here. This is indeed bull, so less to use them in.

E: 420 Gold and 1860 Silver coins expired so far.

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It all started from Game&Watch.

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@Lethal I agree. Its not like they offer much that is worth redeeming for lately. I downloaded stuff from Club Nintendo that was way better than what they offer now.



Hopefully they do something within the next few months.
Have 3000+ gold points with alot expiring soonish.



At the end of November I used up more than 1000 points on 3DS home designs that I will never use - because that's the best they had. And I haven't used my 3DS in years and doubt I will.
Better using them up for something than letting them go to waste for nothing.

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@Firezown I think it will come 2021 just like how we are getting good discounts on Wii u and 3ds just now

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Or they could give us nothing at all, not even digital content. The bigest problem is that we were spoiled by the old Nintendo Club account and expected/hoped for more of the same. Nintendo don't actually have to give us anything. We buy the software to play the software; anything else is a freebie bonus really.

Maybe MyNintendo will provide more in the future, maybe not. We've had some small incentives and games so far, but they are bonuses and should not be expected.



@zitpig You're right, nobody buys games to get the points - but it is a bit rich for Nintendo to send me emails warning that my points are about to expire when there is literally nothing to use them on, and never has been since the very first day of the Switch's launch. Sigh - curse of the early adopters, I guess.

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Masurao wrote:

At this point it is clearly nothing more than a scam.

Exactly how is it a scam? Nintendo have NEVER promised anything more than they have delivered via the service (with perhaps the exception of Switch offers "coming soon" - but Nintendo's soon has a different meaning to our "soon" ).

There are plenty of things to purchase/use with the points - digital content - including in-game assets, themes etc, money off vouchers and even a number of games. OK they may not be of use to you, but they may be to others. So you're losing points, it's not like you can use them elsewhere or that they have any actual value.

Yeah, I agree that it's not exactly the service I want myself - I, like you, obviously prefer the old Club Nintendo and it's wonderful array of gifts, but it's not that. Accept that - it may never be more than what we currently see or have. None of us are entitled to anything more really. It will be a shame if it doesn't get to be anything more than it is, but it's certainly not a scam.



I held off registering my last few games for this reason, but I do have some gold coins sitting there. I'm lucky enough to have a 3DS and WiiU, so if, for example, they ever have an offer on Pokemon Crystal, and my gold coins haven't expired, I'll find a use for them.

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