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Hey, just wanted to post a LOT of ideas and games I want revisited on Switch and further on, some not really feasible or maybe even possible at all. Thought I would just create a topic for it for whenever things come to mind for me or others. I'm not letting a company's current health or financial state affect which games I put on and what ideas I put in for the games. This is purely for fun and maybe someone will want to post their ideas or agree/disagree with mine on this post, so...

1. Lego City: Undercover spiritual successor/sequel

I think not many LEGO games on any system put you in the shoes of antagonists as the main characters (other than giving the freedom of having a wide range character pool to choose from) so maybe have Lego City have a different subtitle where you can actually undertake the role of a criminal. Sure, it may be a bit against the child-friendly approach, and it may be compared to GTA even more than it was before but I do think that it could change up pace and bring something new to the table.

2. Fatal Frame collection/sequel

Fatal Frame has always been a niche title in the west, however down in Japan it has been one of the very few generally successful horror franchises. Maybe it's time to localize the games using higher budgets and remastering games either one by one or in a collection to bring appeal to a bigger audience in the west. Would require a lot of marketing, sure, but if the core gameplay adds more of western-appreciated themes and if the inevitable sequel puts more emphasis and depth on the story than the previous installments, we could potentially see something bigger come out of this franchise.

3. The Last Story sequel/game from the developer.

The company that brought us The Last Story on the Wii, one of the three titles of legendary Operation Rainfall - Mistwalker has been in mobile hell for years now. Their game may have been severely overshadowed by the much more successful Xenoblade (which has a very healthy life on Nintendo systems now) but in no way does it make The Last Story a bad game. I think it would be great to see the developer come back to its console roots and release something noteworthy on a more successful Nintendo system. Heck, they could bring one of their better mobile titles over in a remade format onto the Nintendo Switch to have a head start for their bigger game.

4. A Nintendo Land-like game that is NOT 1-2 Switch, please.

Nintendo Land was actually very fun, not going to lie. I enjoyed it much more than I ever expected to when I first got my hands on the Wii U. Why not make a much more ambitious sequel with online play and more depth to each mini-game? I am sure it would bring fans together like Smash Bros. did in the past and open up players to a wider range of Nintendo's lesser known IP's.

5. Endless Ocean 3

I've said it before and I'll say it again; it has been way too long. I expected a sequel to come out for the Wii U when it was first revealed because I thought the Gamepad was a perfect fit for the interface and idea of Endless Ocean's scuba diving. Instead, all I got was silence. I found it weird because I recall the second game actually being quite successful despite being such a niche title, I don't see any reason not to bring this game back in glorious HD and more content to explore. Give us a wider range of sealife to discover, give us a wider range of secrets and easter eggs to find (which was arguably the best part of the second game). I am almost certain it will guarantee them good profit. Make it happen.

6. Eternal Darkness 2

Remember that controversial kickstarter for a spiritual successor back in the beginning years of the Wii U? Yeah, never happened. However Eternal Darkness is still considered one of the best Gamecube titles and survivor horror titles in general. It's a no-brainer for Nintendo to get a sequel to be in production, especially since they renewed their trademark for it a few years back.

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@Varkster - Those are all REALLY good calls. I've got, played and enjoyed all of the earlier series entries.

ExciteTrucks is probably the only Nintendo franchise that I love that won't get a proper Switch sequel.

SEGA Bass Fishing (Get Bass), could be awesome on Switch. Make it more varied (like Marine Fishing, but not so stupidly hard). GetBass 2 was rubbish though. A plastic fishing rod accessory is a must! Labo has one...



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Well, my wish list :

1. Portal Heroes. Sequel of Portal Knights with more Jobs, more character customizations, Futuristic places, more Bosses, Mini games, more furnitures, more pets, more plants, etc.

2. Animal Boxing 2. Sequel of Animal Boxing NDS in HD with gameplay like ARMS , Play as Human or Animal, More customizations, Tension Meter to unleashed Higher damage.

3. My Sims Builder. My Sims from EA meet Minecraft. The gameplay will be like Animal Crossing with Minecraft sensation.

4. LEGO Sports. Cobtain at least 6 Different Sport games with LEGO. There are Boxing / Kickboxing , Tennis, Surfing, Basketball, Snowboard / Skiing, Baseball, etc. Also, you can build a World like LEGO Worlds, with Stadiums, houses, trees, animals, etc.

5. Dance Dance Revolution Ace for Nintendo Switch. The Most wanted games on Nintendo Switch. With songs from DDR X3, 2013, 2014, 2015 & Ace + DDR Dancing mat for Switch + DLC songs from previous DDR, i can dance all night long.

Top 8 Konami's Rhythm games:
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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Varkster wrote:

4. A Nintendo Land-like game that is NOT 1-2 Switch, please.

Yeah, I'd love something super-accessible to play with non-gamer friends/family when they come over...and 1-2-Switch (despite how many TV adverts I STILL see for it) is NOT that game!

The Wii was great in that regard...people (even non-gamers) were generally aware of the Wii - and roughly knew what it did - and games like Wii Sports were a nice, simple way to show off the concept to anyone who showed an interest in it.

I remember my Grandad coming over to my place, seeing my Wii and striking up a conversation about it - so, to demonstrate what it was all about, I just switched it on, handed him a Wii Remote, played a round of Ten-Pin Bowling with him - and he instantly 'got it' (..and we had a lot of fun in the process!)

Unfortunately, there's nothing quite like that on Switch (that's actually good!) the moment, I kind of use Overcooked and Mario Kart to 'demo' the console - and they do the job to a certain extent (they were both simple enough for my young nieces, for example, to 'get' and enjoy it) - but they're still not quite accessible enough for me to feel confident (like with Wii Sports) that absolutely anyone could just pick up and play them.

Basically, I'd like to see a nice, fun 'waggle' game. A game where I could show people that the Switch is like a Wii, a Game Boy and a PlayStation (the three consoles that everyone knows!) all rolled in to one! ..1-2-Switch had potential - but I get the feeling that it'd probably turn more people off the Switch than attract them to it!

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@Varkster- Fatal Frame was such a unique experience and I would also like to see it revived on the Switch. Never played the sequel though but I don't remember it coming over to the west.

@Anti-Matter- Dance Dance Revolution was a lot of fun on my original PlayStation especially with the dance mat. The Switch iteration of the DDR games seem to have gotten rid of the dance mat replaced with hand motion control. Still on the fence about getting the 2018 version...

My wishful game list:

Final Fantasy VII remake- I've heard they changed quite a few things beyond just graphical update. Would love to replay my very first Final Fantasy game (which was the deciding factor in getting the original PlayStation over N64 back in the day).

Kingdom Hearts III- One of my favorite rpg series on the PlayStation 2. Since the Xbox One is getting a port of the game, I would hope that the Switch would also get a port at some later date.

Advance Wars collection- I don't know if the European market ever got Advance Wars series and if not, a collection would be an awesome way for you guys to catch up with us Americans (or at least experience some of the game in the series). While I would love a new Advance Wars game on the Switch, I would not mind having a collection just so I could experience the game anew on the Switch.

Dead or Alive- One of my favorite fighting game series, I would like proper DOA game to come to the Switch. The only DOA to come to a Nintendo system was DOA Dimensions which was a disappointment because the tag team aspect was severly nerfed.

Mario and Luigi- I'm not sure if this series ever appeared in Nintendo consoles but I've had the pleasure of playing all but the first one on my DS and 3DS systems. I am hopeful that the series will continue on to the Switch.



I would like to see The Last Story get a HD Remastered Version, and Pandora's Tower for the Switch never got to finish either of them back on the Wii.

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Definitely agree with the above suggestions of a Lego City sequel, a Nintendo Land-style game and Kingdom Hearts. My wishlist:
-An HD remaster of Kid Icarus: Uprising. A sequel would be great too!
-An ARMS sequel (in a few years) featuring a story mode with Subspace Emissary-level production values.
-A new WarioWare game. I know WarioWare Gold is coming to 3DS this year and I'm looking forward to it, but I'd love to see a completely new instalment on the Switch.

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At first I wanted an Eternal darkness sequel, but I thought about it a lot and now I don't think it would be a good idea.
A sequel of Eternal darkness could only either contradict the meaning of the original game or redundantly repeat it. Either way it would do nothing good for the original game. A remake would be a lot better and would just keep its original meaning without making it feel trite.

Endless Ocean 3 would be a dream, I want it to happen so much!

As I have already said, I want a remake of TES4 Oblivion.

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Skies of Arcadia
I have some good memories from this game, and would love to see a sequel.

Jet Grind/Set Radio
I always thought this game would be a perfect fit for motion controls, but it never happened. Another game I used to spend hours on, and would love to buy a sequel.

Power Stone
One thing I love about this game is how you're not just fighting on one stage, but travel through one as you're fighting along. I'd love to see different routes in a sequel, where, depending on what piece of the environment you break (floor, ceiling, walls, etc), you end up in different places.

Wii Fit
There's so much that can be done with this. I'd love to see an open world where you can see others exercising at the same time. Maybe throw in some mini exercise games where you team up with others against the computer or other human opponents. Who knows, maybe throw in Wii Sports and make it a sports & exercise package.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Either release the trilogy, or make a new one! When I bought the GameCube I got this to go with it instead of any other game.

Streets of Rage
I think Sega can get away with a new Streets of Rage using 16-bit or hi-bit graphics. Either that or a trilogy of the originals with added extras. Throw in some online co-op in addition to local co-op.

I could probably go on for a while, but I'll leave it at this for now.

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