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Perhaps unpopular opinion, but I'm quite open to seeing more mobile games make their way onto the switch. Not that I want the eShop to be littered with shovelware, but surely I'm not alone in having enjoyed many an hour playing a game on my iPad that would be just gravy on this awesome console. Are there any games you guys would love to see make the leap? (Heres mine)

Plague Inc - endlessly replayable and deliciously sadistic strategy/sim where you have to kill off the entire world population by cultivating deadly diseases.

Jetpack Joyride - classic endless runner, kinda basic but has a hell of a lot of charm

Punch Quest - two button gaming nirvana, my god this one is so fun by devs of Death Road to Canada

Peggle - classic popcap pachinko game, has been on ps4, would be awesome to see it on switch

Bloons TD - totally hyped for pixeljunk monsters 2, theres not enough TD love on the switch, Bloons is charming and full of variety.

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There are any number of mobile games whose quality would not be out of place on the Switch - like The Room series, for example - but perhaps not as many that would actually benefit from the port. Playing The Room is fantastic on a phone or tablet - playing it on the Switch doesn't actually make it any better. Arguably the greater weight of the device even makes it less enjoyable.

That said, even ignoring the ports (The Witness, Planescape Torment, Jade Empire, etc), there are a few I'd happily see on the Switch, like Wayward Souls and Mage Gauntlet, two more games by the Death Road to Canada guys. Mage Gauntlet, in particular, isn't even functional on current iOS but would be great with the physical controls of the Switch. Teeny Titans and Steven Universe: Attack the Light would also be great for Switch (though I've played Teeny Titans to death).

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The only ones I would be genuinely interested in are card games like Hearthstone, Pokemon TCG online and Shadowverse.

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Too many to list... Like probably 20 or 30 games. Also lots of classic PC to mobile ports, bring all of those over.




The Monument Valley games would look nice on a TV, but I prefer to keep my mobile games away from my consoles...



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