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So, I'm not sure if this is the right place to gripe about this issue or not, but I think that ARMS' Ranked match menus should be more detailed. When you click continue in ranked matches after a fight, I specifically mean to continue with THAT ONE PERSON, not to continue Ranked all together. I hate having to disconnect my Switch from the internet every time I want to only rematch the person I just fought, only to be kicked back to the main menu where I only have a split second to press B before it automatically connects me to another player.

Now this wouldn't be much of an issue if we where given longer than a minute to switch our Arms and get ready for the next fight, but we are not. You have to rush to switch your arms and character to predict your next challengers play style. If just given the option to end Ranked Match Making while on the main menu, other than a split second press of B which doesn't work all the time mind you, you could be calmer and more prepared to start match Making again. Just because we press continue doesn't mean we want to continue playing Ranked with a different person.

Like For Glory on Smash, you can quit any fight while your on the character selection screen, why not ARMS?



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