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This is an idea for 2 DLCs for Mario Odyssey as an alternate way to get 999 Power Moons instead of purchasing all of them in the shop.

DLC 1 - Family Feast - 54 new Power Moons.

Description - Yoshi misses his family and asks Mario to locate all of the lost Yoshis scattered in the different kingdoms.

Concept - After collecting the "Yoshi's All Filled Up" Power Moon in the Mushroom Kingdom, travel to Yoshi's House to unlock the quest. He will tell you which kingdom the next Yoshi is found in. Rescue that Yoshi and feed them fruit (enough for 2 Power Moons) in order to gain the next clue. The color of the Yoshi is related to the color of the kingdom's Power Moon (with the exception of the Green and Red Yoshis, since Mushroom Kingdom Power Moons are yellow, and Bowser's Kingdom Power Moons, while red, provide too much of a challenge for Yoshi given how spread out the kingdom is).

1. Mushroom Kingdom - Green Yoshi
2. Lake Kingdom - Pink Yoshi - found on the platform where you fought the Broodals.
3. Luncheon Kingdom - Light Blue Yoshi - found near the Slots building in Peronza Plaza.
4. Lost Kingdom - Yellow Yoshi - found on a yellow platform near Swamp Hill.
5. Seaside Kingdom - Purple Yoshi - found on top of the Beach House.
6. Metro Kingdom - Brown Yoshi - found near the Heliport.
7. Snow Kingdom - Red Yoshi - found on the highest ice pillar above the entrance to Shiveria.
8. Wooded Kingdom - Blue Yoshi - found behind the Shop.

Reward - Once all 8 Yoshis are rescued and fed, return to Yoshi's House, and he will reveal a new kingdom for you to explore - Yoshi's Island. It has 50 Purple coins featuring Yoshi-based clothing and souvenirs as well as 40 new dark green Power Moons. Power Moons earned by feeding the Yoshis are rewarded to the Kingdom that Yoshi was found in.

DLC 2 - Spooky Disturbance - 65 Power Moons.

Description - Strange things are happening in the kingdoms - is it more of Bowser's doing? Investigate the disturbances and find the source of the problems.

Concept - Bowser is angry at the Boos for refusing to help in his latest scheme, and is tasking Mario to teach King Boo a lesson. First, you must locate certain objects that behave oddly when one's back is turned. Use Cappy to hit the object while facing away from it (Spin Throw) to eject a Boo from the object. The Boo will be angry that its been discovered and will challenge Mario to a Time Trial-based activity. Complete the challenges to gain the next clue. Complete the challenges quickly to earn a second Power Moon.

1. Bowser's Kingdom - Jizo. Challenge is an RC Car Race featuring the Bowser's Castle 64 Track.
2. Cap Kingdom - Paragoomba. Challenge is a Flying Ring race, where all the rings must be flown through in order.
3. Lake Kingdom - Zipper. Challenge is a Fashion Show, where you must dress up as many times as possible according to the demands of the Lochlady. A closet is provided.
4. Cascade Kingdom - T-Rex. Challenge is to clear all of the spiny enemies in the area using the T-Rex.
5. Snow Kingdom - Ty-foo. Challenge is an RC Car Race featuring the Sherbet Land 64 Track.
6. Lost Kingdom - Tropical Wiggler. Challenge is a Stretching Ring race, where all the rings must be traveled through in order.
7. Ruined Kingdom - Spark Pylon. Challenge is a Playlist Show, where you must play as many tracks as possible according to the demands of the Toad.
8. Sand Kingdom - Cactus. Challenge is to clear all of the cacti and mummies in the area using Jaxi.

Reward - Once all 8 challenges are done, return to Bowser, and he will reveal a new kingdom for you to explore - the Haunted Kingdom. There you will fight King Boo. The Kingdom has 100 Purple Coins, and features Ghost-inspired clothing and souvenirs as well as 49 new white Power Moons. Power Moons earned by beating the Boo's challenges are rewarded to the Haunted Kingdom, though the name of the kingdom is hidden until Bowser reveals its location. The Haunted Kingdom would primarily feature Power Moons that are obtained through arcade-style tasks.

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I like your ideas. I'd love to have a Yoshi. That's the one thing from the game I really wanted that I never got. Although, to be fair I never did finish all of the moons.



I would like to see some sports outfits for Mario such as Boxing, Tennis (from Mario Tennis Aces), Gymnastic, Bodybuiding (Mario suddenly get buffed), Karate, etc.

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@coolakn great well thought out ideas. Fingers crossed we have something announced one day.


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