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Folks, a 1 second delay on the bundled USB microphone is making the game unusable for my daughter. Wondering what we can do about it. I imagine that its the way that we hooked up and configured. Appreciate any pointers.

Switch HDMI > Surround System (5.1) > HDMI TV
Mic USB > into Switch

Switch TV Output (system settings) - Automatic (tried all other options)
Doesn't appear to be any configuration / calibration options in the game itself

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It might just be the peripheral. Have you looked for any possible troubleshooting/FAQ on the game’s website?

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Thanks for the response. Seems that there’s not a lot to find online as yet. It’s a very recent release so hopefully this will change..



Exactly the same trouble...! Just received this in the post today and it’s reallt annoying I can’t find any sort of tutorial or advice online to sort it out :/



Same problem with Sing 2018, switch asks to plug in the mic, But does nog respond



Have you set the picture mode on your TV to "Game"?

What this will do is reduce the amount of processing that your TV will perform in order to display the image, which will reduce latency at the expense of image vibrancy.

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