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Can't seem to find a physical copy of the game anywhere. Surely it's not that 'indy'?

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The patch don't work for me. I sent an email to the developer and demand my money back. Do I have a chance to get it? Poles should be banned making videogames.

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@Tendo64 Physical will be released toward the end of the year by Limited Run Games. Preorders are open on the LRG site and on LRG's Amazon page. Maybe the physical copies will release with the patches included.

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Finished the game at 90%, 10 hours in. I really liked it. Sure there are some strange and annoying glitches, but overall it was a smooth experience. I played it after the patch that patched the auto-save glitch. The game looks nice and was fun to play with responsive controls. It is a very easy game though, especially the endboss (the endboss was fun though). Easier then the other bosses and maybe even easier then the endboss of New Super Lucky's tale. I hope they'll do a sequel someday, and maybe port/remake the first 3 games on Switch someday. The few things that I have left I will do at a later date.



I enjoyed this game too. Honestly better than Spongebob Rehydrated, Yooka-Laylee, and Poi, for example. I know it was overlooked by many.


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