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I purchased new joycons for my switch. I couldn’t get the right one to pair. For some stupid reason I decided to just reset the whole switch. Now I can’t get passed a white screen with it wanting me to insert my controllers. Any help? I have sent in a repair ticket. I was just looking for last minute try’s since tomorrow is Christmas, and I have a 10yr that’s not going to be too happy when she can’t play her new Lets Go Eevee game.



Also I can still pair the left. The right still won’t pair



You probably had a defect batch. Some right Joy-Cons just don’t work, it really just comes down to luck. You could buy an individual right Joy-Con at a store that carries it, other than that, you’d have to wait for repair.

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Take it back to where you bought to get a replacement. Warranty RMA should be take care of where you bought it at.



@HudsonSelena Plenty of people, me included, had an issue getting joy-cons to sync first time, but I think in most cases, including mine, persistence was all that was needed.

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Thanks! I’ll just keep trying to mess with it before I send it in



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