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Has anyone played Journey tot he Savage Planet? I wasn't sure about it from the trailer, the site review says it's a mixture of exploration and puzzle solving. I'm thinking about getting it, any comments?



Haven't played it yet, waiting for it to go on sale. But it looks like a light hearted version of Metroid Prime.



I ordered this as it looked pretty cool. I have downloaded it on gamepass on the Xbox to give it a try but think it might be well suited to the switch.


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I just fired up my copy of the game and after an hour of playing I have to say, "yes". JttSP is a solid action/adventure first person metroidvania. The art design and themes of corporate satire are great. However, the Switch port lacks a bit of polish. Frequent texture pop-in, texture jaggies, etc.

But it runs well enough.

If you're thirsty for MP HD Trilogy or MP 4, this is an admirable substitute.

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