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Hi yall.

My name is Ashton aka the mayhem. Im an 21 year old longtime nintendo fanatic who’s started playing the switch after a almosy 5 year time out. Im in love with paper mario and kirby games and i also love smash bros. I need new friends so please add me so we can play together.

Some facts about me:

First ever owned console: gameboy advance
Favorite game played: paper mario the thousand year door
Least favorite game: super mario sunshine
Favorite final boss: the shadow queen (paper mario
Favorite console: Nintendo Gamecube
Favorite Nintendo character: Galacta knight

Games i own at the moment

  • mario kart deluxe
  • smash ultimate
  • mario odessey
  • kirby star allies

Friend code: SW-8126-3276-7319

Im looking forward to meet new people



@Themayhem Nintendolife has a rule against duplicate threads to keep thread clutter down. So that's why Tasuki mentioned the rules and pasted a link to the friend code exchange thread. We still like new people. Welcome

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