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It would be lovely if I actually played with an online player for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Tennis Aces, Street Fighter 30th Anniv Ed., and Dragon Ball Fighterz. Problem is, my friends in real life on Facebook and none on Twitter do not play with Nintendo Switch. How do I add Friends? I'd love to play with you.


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@adorhino You can use this thread if you'd like to play Switch games with others online. I do have most of the games you've mentioned. Not sure if I'd be online that much because of classes though. (My semester ends on May.)

You can add friends by typing in peoples' friend codes, or by sending friend requests to people you've just played with. (Since the Switch doesn't have a messaging system, I recommend doing the former while you're at the NL boards, social media, Reddit, etc. That way you can keep in touch.) You can add me if you want to, but I would really appreciate it if you let me know by clicking "reply" on my post. That way I know it's you.

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