Topic: How will Splatoon 3 be better than 2??

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@DarkRula You're on point. Thanks for elaborating for me.

I love Turf War as much as the next guy, but it gets boring after the millionth game. And there's no real drawback to doing that, either.

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@Neopolitan No problem. It's the one thing that keeps me away from the game aside from Splatfests. I enjoy the other modes, but there's always that pressure of the ranking that I try my best to ignore.


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Maybe new DLC, idols, ranked battle modes, more amiibo, and a lot more?



Better single player campaign, as Magician said.

Hero/Octo Canyon mode needs a revamp without rehashing the whole thing again. Give us a "practice" mode where we can challenge the AI "Octolings" with our weapons. Have the "Event Smash"-based challenges for our skills and weapons.



I don’t need better Splatoon, just new maps, couple new sub weap



Yeah, I reckon the single player campaign's gonna get a big buff this time around - the reveal trailer certainly hinted in that direction and I suspect the time constraints put on Splatoon 2 to get it ready enough for a Switch showcase trailer and out to retail within a few months was why its 1P campaign wasn't bad, but was largely more of the same of Splatoon 1's. Octo Expansion really showed the potential for what a Splatoon single player campaign could achieve, and I think given the time and budget of a full-scale release they could do something really special.

The standard Turf War I think is gonna see some rule / mechanical changes that'll freshen it up from Splatoon 1 & 2 - the kind of more fundamental changes they couldn't really do as an update to Splatoon 2. It'll still be a 4v4 terrain control competition, but maybe flying or superjumping are a much more integral part of things now, or whatever purpose your little salmon buddy serves.

Beyond that... I think, honestly, they'll replace Salmon Run with something entirely different. It's a very Nintendo thing to have each game have its own unique ideas that don't get revisited in future entries, and given salmonids appear to be our buddies now, I'm not sure it fits. I think Nintendo would like to be able to point at Salmon Run as a reason why Splatoon 2 is still worth buying even after Splatoon 3 releases, especially given they're going to be on the same hardware. So there'll be something else entirely, I think. No guesses as to what, though. Some kind of battle royale, possibly, but I've got absolutely nothing to base that on.


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Game opening tutorial needs to be re-playable. I liked Splatoon 2's opening tutorial, but it's only available once, then it's gone. (unless you make a new switch user profile.... That profile wont have online access without NSO sub, but you can still start over with single player.)

Unless someone knows how to replay it without making a new profile. Maybe I missed it.

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