Topic: how to turn off the taunt for the single joycon super smash bros ultimate

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I have just started playing the new super smash bros, and I love it. I have 4 joycons, so me and 4 friends all play together. However, there is just one issue; The taunts. When you press in on the movement stick on the joycon. It transforms any of your attacks into a taunt. When I get set up for just one final smash before I win, I click the stick sideways, and press the attack button... but i accidently pushed in on the stick too, so instead of winning the match, I taunt and open myself up for an attack. All the controls are customizable, except for the taunt feature. That is the only thing you cannot turn off. Or at least, I have not found out how to yet. Any help?

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But then again, who would want to turn of Falcon's faboulos "Show me your moves!"?
Sorry. If it isnt in the customize menu, you're out of luck. Try and see if you can set a different button to do that instead of the clicky stick. I would reccomend the X button, due to how it does the same thing as Y. If not, just stop clicking the stick.

Nice >:]

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I agree it should be customizable, some people just cant help pressing down on the joystick, and it causes unwanted taunts


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