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Will be buying 128 MicroSD alongside Switch. Just wanna know how many games I can fit in?

I'm only planning to buy only a few AAAs, the rest are mostly racing, RPGs, indies & retros.



fortnite is like 2gb

zelda botw is about 13

mario about 6 gb

splatoon 2 about 3 gb

so it probably wont be too easy to fill your SD



Depend on the game you choose.

Check the game size before you buy from eshop.

There are some indie games with size under 1 GB.

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Depending on what you buy, at most 128+ games. But considering you want AAA titles, at least 20-25.
Edit: The low estimate is based on the assumption you are going all digital.

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Depends on the size of the games which is small compare to some on other consoles. Let's say Fortnite for example being about 40+GB on XBO and PS4, but luckily it's small on Switch being about 12GB. I've filled up my card of 128GB with indies/AAA games with around 40+ games.



I have a 128 GB one and I have quite a few games on it.

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@ZedSwitch spend the money and get a 400gb microsd card as of right now it cost on Amazon 102.98US.



SwitchForce wrote:

@ZedSwitch spend the money and get a 400gb microsd card as of right now it cost on Amazon 102.98US.

I doubt I could as I'm from Malaysia and may not afford the shipping.



I don't recommend going all digital on the Switch at this time. Unless you are okay with deleting games when you are finished with them. Even with the 128 GB card, you will most likely run out of space eventually if you are buying AAA games. NBA 2K19, for instance, is 31.5 GB digitally. Wolfenstein 2 is near 22 GB. So you wouldn't run out immediately, but as more games release requiring more storage you would eventually run out.

If you go mostly physical, as I do, I think 128 GB is plenty. It's what I have in mine. There's still a chance of running out of space eventually due to more and more games requiring extra space, even as physical copies, but it isn't likely you'd run out any time soon and then of course you could just delete games you haven't played in a while to clear space.



I have a 128gb in my Switch and at the moment it's plenty of space. I only have on it the games I'm currently playing and the ones I go back to, such as Splatoon and Mario Kart. I've got BoTW, Xenoblade 2 and loads more on it.

But again, the amount you get on it will depend on the size of the games your downloading

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First-party Nintendo games tend to be under 6GB with few exceptions. AAA third-party games can be in excess of 20GB.

If you plan on only buying digital versions of games, 128GB will probably last you a year if you are frugal and stick to only buying a few big name releases, but I cannot imagine that it will last very long.

If you intend to mainly buy physical games, with your 128GB reserved for only the occasional eShop exclusive and update data, then it should last you a good long while.

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How many you fit all depends on the games you buy.

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There is a thread on here that lists all gsme sizes that will let you know

Keep in mind 128GB cards are actually only 112GB of real space

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