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ooo this looks interesting... im gonn-w-wait unreleased!?
aww. i was hoping it wasnt canned.

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im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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Steep. Seriously Steep is going to be a punchline going forward. It's like Deep Down and Half-Life 3 and Mother 3. When are we getting Steep, Reggie?

It was on stage at the launch presentation. It was on the big screen full of logos. To this day it is STILL on Nintendo's site as TBA. It's an always-online persistent world game for which draw distance is almost the core feature. How is that game ever coming to Switch, Snowdrop engine or no? Seems like a mismatch if I ever saw one. Though an open world action sports game does sound like it fits the Switch vibe and demographic.

@Anti-Matter PS has always branded to adults. Go back to the late 80's early 90's, Sony electronics were seen as premium and sophisticated items. If you bought a Sony TV, or stereo or disc player, you bought the good stuff (today that's kind of a joke...) So the PS brand was, borrowing from Sega's edgy "for the teenagers that are too cool for kiddy Nintendo" marketing, Sony went with a cross of "for the teenagers, and premium seeking adults." That carried over into their content when PC publishers started moving into that space. But it's sort of a core identity of what Sony is, where they came from, and who they want to be identified with in general. For you "kiddie" is a plus, but for most people who are obsessed with what others think of them, it's a negative. ESPECIALLY adolescents. Which these days seems to go from 12-25. Of course Nintendos' ACTUAL core audience skews older, so in fact it's the other brands that are "kiddy". But the teens and tweens and duedebros haven't figured that out yet


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