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Hey everyone! This is my first topic so just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I’ve been a Nintendo fan all my life and I fell in love with the Xenoblade series when I bought Chronicles for the Wii in 2014. Chronicles 2 is now one of my fav games of all time. The story, characters and gameplay I think are first class. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. What are your favourite games on the switch at the moment and why do you love them so much?

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@Xenobuster splatoon , it's such a handy multiplayer game too play. I think it was made for every where not just the Japanese market 😃😃😃😃😃



Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Switch) (95 / 100)

This game has deep robust of Minecraft + The Sims + Harvest Moon + Animal Crossing. Everything is Perfect from their chibi looking, furnitures, house building, activities, etc.
The only things i still feel disappointed is the fps for Switch version is 30 fps while the PS4 version is 60 fps. Also, the character customization still don't have individual customizations (headgear, top, bottom, gloves, shoes, accessories, hair style, voice samples). But overall Dragon Quest Builders still an Almost Perfect game for me, exceeding my expectations from The Sims games.

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Top 8 Konami's Rhythm games:
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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For me it's gotta be Mario Maker 2. It's just the essence of Nintendo, in my opinion. From Mario himself, obviously, to the platforming gameplay to Nintendo's foundational elements of building and playing. It's literally infinitely replayable.



@Xenobuster I'll say Splatoon 2.

For me, Mario Odyssey & Breath of the Wild are the best too, but they don't come close to giving me the hundreds of hours I've gotten with Splatoon. I've got at least 500 hrs in Splatoon 2, but that's as much as I'll admit in public (its more )

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Splatoon 2. Almost 1,000 hours. And proud of it. lol

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I'd say Super Mario Odyssey is my favorite Switch game overall. As much as I loved Super Mario 3D World back on the Wii U, it felt awesome to be playing a brand new 3D Mario game along the lines of Super Mario 64. The worlds are creative and fun to explore, controlling Mario feels amazing, capturing enemies with Cappy made for a cool gameplay mechanic, and the soundtrack is absolutely delightful! I love a good Mario game, too - Odyssey certainly delivered.

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Right now among Switch exclusives, Super Mario Odyssey. However, Animal Crossing New Horizons and BOTW2 should both easily change that. Unless something goes horribly wrong with both of them. I'd say that's impossible, but a 3D Mario platformer should not be my favorite on a system with two different Pokemon games already on the system, but here we are. Things can go wrong, I'm afraid.

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Some of my favorites...

Team Sonic Racing - I love the Sonic series, but I love this racer as the team racing element is pretty unique. It feels like a fresh take on kart racing.

Yoshi's Crafted World - Not only one of the cutest platformers I've ever played, but one of the most creative looking games I've seen. Everything in Yoshi's world is a craft, as someone who use to do crafts as a kid, I love all the detail put into it.

Tokyo School Life - A visual novel and dating sim this time. While it is a lot of reading, this visual novel has a great story going for it with a cast of some pretty memorable characters.

Splatoon 2 - As a fan of Splatoon on Wii U, Splatoon 2 in addition to the original is one of my favorite online games. Both games are really fun and unique takes in the online shooter genre. Colorful and fun.

New Super Lucky's Tale - It's great to see a new character, and he's an adorable fox named Lucky. I played Super Lucky's Tale on PC, and love it, this new game made me love Lucky and his universe even more.

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It's probably either Thumper or Monster Hunter GU.

Thumper, I don't know why but it's addicting...It's pretty and I just love the music and rhythm stuff in it.

Monster Hunter GU's Monster Hunter.

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That's a difficult choice. My knee-jerk reaction goes to Bayonetta, Skyrim, or Diablo III as I never tire of playing through those games once every few years. Of those three, the Bayonetta series would probably be my favorite. I think the series is criminally underappreciated, as it's one of the worst selling Wii U/Switch exclusives.

How 1-2 Switch managed to sell 3m copies while Bayonetta 1&2 can't crack 1m sold baffles me.

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This question is the like the "chicken and egg". There so many games out now that one could be favorite now and next day another. It should ask which games are the one you play the most out of all the others.



My favourite Switch game is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

From the series first game on the N64 onwards it was one of the must-have multiplayer games, and always a beautiful crossover (especially Brawl) of Nintendo and then video game worlds. Back then, and still now, a respectable N64 four-player collection would begin with Mario Kart 64, GoldenEye, and Super Smash Bros.

Ultimate is the best fighting game ever because it has instant moves and skill-based gameplay, no progress by random button mashing, only natural combos.

And it's the most perfect collection since it has all fighters ever + many new ones, and much more content that made countless tiny and great fan wishes come true. Plus it never looked, played, and sounded so good.

The limited edition even came with a Gamecube Controller and USB-adapter for best Smash control.

And the hype is still real. The speculation continues. The fifth fighters pass character is still not revealed.
More unknown DLC characters are announced. And there are new Smash amiibo on the way to retailers.

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@Woomy_NNYes I’ve never played Splatoon but have heard so many great things about it. I think it’s because I’m not very good at shooters!



Off the top of my head I want to say Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (vast beautiful landscapes, a deep story with interesting lore/worldbuilding, a fun cast, great character design, with combat mechanics that are satisfying to nail down, albiet admittedly to the detriment of a pick up & play nature).

However, Astral Chain, BotW, Final Fantasy X HD, Link's Awakening, Okami HD, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, & Ys VIII are also on the shortlist for me. There's just so much top shelf software on the system.

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Xenoblade 2 for sure. I've since gone back and played the other games besides X. I love the series. Story and gameplay can't be beat.

@SKTTR Unfortunately the American edition came with a pro controller instead.

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I really love playing Into the Breach.

It is quite unique, no easy game and replayability is great.
The game reminds me of old times when I started playing video games.



Without question Dragon Quest XI S because i love RPG's and this is the best one since Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

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ARMS. It's a simple, goofy, unique fighting game that is just a lot of fun. Gave me flashbacks to a lot of stuff Capcom released on Dreamcast.


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Breath of the Wild by a long shot for me. Never had a game grip me quite like it.


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