Topic: Favorite SEGA AGES game from the Switch eShop?

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What is your favorite SEGA AGES game that you purchased from the Switch eShop?

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Shinobi, I have heaps of nostalgia for the game.

And an honorable mention for Phantasy Star since it wasn't included in the Sega Genesis Classics on Switch after being included in the previous collection, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for 360/PS3.

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@SegaSonicFan The games I got from the Sega Ages line were Sonic 1, Out Run, and Thunder Force IV (aka Lightening Force). I have a nostalgic soft spot for Sonic 1 and I like how they added the spin dash, drop dash, and that Mega Play arcade mode, but it's not my favorite of the Genesis Sonic games. (Sonic 3&K is SO much better...too bad Sega doesn't want to rerelease it.)

I guess I would say Thunder Force IV is my favorite out of the ones I have. It's a really tough shmup, but I like it for that and the soundtrack is awesome. I didn't think the TF series would get rereleases after being stuck on the Genesis/Mega Drive for so long, so kudos to Sega for putting this game on the Switch.

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Not a big fan of SEGA but if I ever went to purchase a SEGA game I would buy the Sonic Colors if it ever get released on the Nintendo Switch and/or the Sonic Adventure series HD.

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