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@Grumblevolcano At most if Nintendo releases anything in May it’ll be a smaller download game. I don’t see them releasing a full physical game, even if it’s a Wii U port. They can easily ride the wave off the third party games launching in May.

Sometimes it’s good to have a month or two of no big first party releases - especially when June onwards is going to be packed from a first party lineup.

As for the Smash announcement, I’m guessing it’ll be it’s own small Direct focused entirely on whatever version 3 of the game brings along with details on the Joker character. That game is big enough to do that. Any general Direct that happens will just flesh out details on summer releases that have already been announced and any new unknown third party games.



Yeah I wouldn't be surprised to see both a Smash Direct and a general Direct in April. The Smash 3.0 update, Joker details, and maybe even an announcement of the second fighter could easily make up a 20-25 minute Direct if they wanted.

Meanwhile with the exception of Daemon X Machina we've seen little of the exclusives launching from June onward, and we haven't seen Animal Crossing at all. An April Direct could help with that

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Dream List:

Start off with Mario Maker 2 to reveal that will be released during E3!
Fire Emblem 3 Houses - more in depth look- July of course
Luigi's Mansion 3- Gameplay footage with an Oct. 31 release date
Pokemon Sword/ Shield to be released in Nov.
Isabelle going to villager in smash bros. decorating a Christmas tree and running off screen into Animal Crossing Switch reveal --- December release date
Marvel Heroes Alliance 3 — August release date
Surprise Dragon Quest character reveal into a Dragon Quest 11 reveal date.
Nintendo US President Bowser flipping a game board over to reveal Mario Party DLC levels including a Bowser lava castle level.

Finally, Mario Odyssey DLC reveal with gameplay footage that Nintendo US President smashes to Mario flat into Paper Mario for the switch.

Haha, I can dream.



@GameOverEric Pretty good ideas, except for one problem. Releasing a physical, full priced game during E3 would be an awful idea. Also, it definitely goes against Nintendo’s recent business practices, with them really only releasing F2P/cheap eShop games after a Direct presentation.

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After the debacle around Metroid Prime 4 I totally had no hope for E3 2019. But after seeing the pretty strong february Direct, I have hope again. There's maybe more good stuff in the pipeline then I was expecting.



@GyroZeppeli Yeah, while it's quite likely to release on E3 week the release date announcement would be around 2 months earlier.


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@GyroZeppeli True, I didn't think about that. Either way I am always looking forward to an E3.



Less than three months away now. Personally, I hope it's an Animal Crossing blowout. Yet I'm always hopeful to see announcements for dormant franchises. Punch-Out, F-Zero, Wave Race, Pilotwings, Excitebike, etc. To see the devs for Crypt of the Necrodancer getting an opportunity to use the Zelda IP gives me hope that Nintendo will allow other developers to dabble with their properties.

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I'd like to see new Pilotwings and Advance Wars titles.
Also Pikmin 4. It's about time.

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Actually, i prefer a new cartoonish boxing game either from Nintendo or 3rd party.
Punch Out was stiff in my opinion in term of gameplay mechanism. Little Mac just punch the opponent without moving around like real boxing match. That the weakness of Punch Out in my opinion.
I want a boxing game with gameplay mechanism like K-1 PS2 or Street Fighter (The fighters are on the Left and Right) with Stamina Bar, Guard meter and Overdrive meter. The other boxing games i knew on PSP didn't even have any indicator of health meter or overdrive meter. Hajime no Ippo was the example of Boxing game without Stamina bar and Overdrive meter.

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Aren't there still no juicy Nintendo rumors? E3 is next week right?

In my memory E3 2018 was good, but when I looked it up again I realized that it was the one almost entirely focused on Smash (I was confused with a very strong Direct some months ago).

Hopefully this year it will be better. Please don't let it be entirely focused on Animal crossing, wich I am not interested in.

Here's what I expect:

mariomaker 2: a bit of footage and playable
Pokemon sword/shield: a bit of footage and playable
Fire emblem: a bit of footage and playable
Luigi's mansion 3: a proper trailer, information and playable
Astral chain: lots of footage, information and playable
Animal crossing: proper trailer, information and playable
Links awakening: lots of footage, information and playable
Bayonetta 3: Maybe a trailer?
Cadence of Hyrule: new footage, released straight after the Direct)
At least 1 or 2 surprises

Pikmin 4: maybe finally a trailer and playable?
A glimpse of the new 3d Zelda
A glimpse of Prime 4
Maybe a reveal of a new 2D Metroid
New info on the Nintendo/microsoft deal (or maybe we just hear that during another Direct), about those microsoft games coming to Switch

Personally I am hoping for:

A new DK, preferably 3D
A new Warioland
A new 2d Metroid, preferably pixels
More on Astral chain
More on Luigi's mansion 3
More on Links awakening
Bayonetta 3 trailer
A glimpse of Prime 4
A glimpse of next 3D Zelda
Darksiders 3 announced for Switch

That's all!

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