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I seem to remember reading somewhere that the second game has English subs but not the first and wondered if anyone had purchased the twin pack from the Japanese eshop and could confirm it. I really want to play them but my lack of knowing Japanese is a slight barrier lol!! I was wondering if they added english subs to the second one would they by chance have added it to the first at a later date (wishful thinking I know). I also really want to buy the 2 strategy war games on the Japanese eshop but something tells me I don't stand a chance without a good understanding of the language.


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I just want to have a moan about this game's release. So they release it in the UK territory for PS4 and PC at launch. So that means the localization is already done for the title. Then they release the Switch version Japan only??

So basically it seems Sony has paid for Square-Enix for exclusivity but just in non-Japan regions???

It just sucks.

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