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@SwitchForce You seem to have a misconception. Removal from storefront means just that - it is removed from being purchased. If you purchased it before the removal, it is still available to you to redownload.
Even in the case of Ittle Dew, I've seen it confirmed on couple other sites that it is still available to anyone who has purchased it before the issue arose.
I have run into this with a few games on Steam, where the licensing agreements expired and they were removed from the store, but I can still redownload them years later because I bought them before the agreements expired.

I also don't get the arguments about losing or breaking your Switch as a stance against digital. Where are people buying carts that are immune to damage or impossible to lose?
I lose my Switch, I redownload my digital games on the new Switch, even ones removed from the storefront as per the above paragraph. I lose my carry case with my physical games and I'm **** out of luck and have to rebuy them. If anything, digital is more safe from losing games, at least for now as I don't know how long games are available like that on Nintendos shop in the long term (as opposed to Steam which so far hasn't denied me anything no matter how old it is).



I prefer physical due to a sense of ownership and the idea that I can sell a game if I don’t enjoy it. However, I tend to buy whatever is cheaper and I end up buying quite a lot on the eShop. Therefore, my Switch game collection is mixed between digital and physical copies.

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What others forget eShop takes SD memory space beyond the DLC or Updates. SD are becoming cheaper but the more you buy the more space you loose from eShop, DLC, Updates. Also as others said should you get not want the Physical game anymore you can at least sell it to get some compensation back from it. eShop is tied to the NIN account no sale. As for price it could be cheaper for eShop or Physical but here's the but you can sell the Physical back on eBay or to Retailers whom buy used game. eShop takes less physical space but you lose SD Space for it. So it's no zero sum game here as those talking about eShop are making it sound to simple. So unless you don't get many eShop then your playing for storage but sooner or later you will start to run low. Switch games haven't come to a end here. I've seen user with multiple sd cards for the game but for me I rather have one 400gb or 1tb to hold the storage rather then having to many to keep track of.



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